Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Homecoming...and a surprise

The ten days have come and gone, and I am back with L. We had, as we expected, one of our usual homecomings where after she greeted me at the airport we dashed home (we live five minutes from the airport) and went straight to the bedroom to do the things that we said we were going to do in what was possibly 1,000 text messages and emails exchanged between us while I was gone.

When you are used to fucking every single day, 10 days seems like an eternity. "Good luck getting it in there," she teased me the day before I was coming home.

I managed just fine, and not in a gentle way.

Absences for L and I can be tough, but also beneficial. They help reaffirm that which is already known tenfold, that we need each other, more importantly, we need each other in the manner that we have defined our relationship. "I feel lost without you," L told me in an email today, and the feeling is mutual.

L told me she had a surprise planned for me when I got back, and I had no clue what it was, could not even begin to guess what it was. A hint of that surprise was revealed to me a few nights ago when L texted me two erotic and professionally done pictures of her.

She looked amazing.

This was her surprise, my dear little pet, who hates having her picture taken, scheduled a session with a female photographer who specialized in erotic photography. It took place in a hotel room. None of them, she told me, had her in the nude, but had her in lingerie, wearing one of my shirts (and little else), taking off underwear....lots, she told me, of her legs. Which are perfect.

"You should have pictures of your property," she told me. "It's only right."

She revealed the two pictures to me when I had about five days left in my trip. To say the least, seeing those two images of her...one had her wearing a matching purple bra and panty set with an overcoat on, the other a black and white closeup of her face...made we want to come home even sooner.

But those two pictures weren't the kicker.

There was the one she sent me two nights before my return.

The one you see above.

Yes, I know...I am damn lucky.

And the best part of the surprise?

The pictures she showed me were just the tip of the iceberg. We're still waiting for the rest of the pictures.

I can't wait to see them. But the best part is that I get the real version of those pictures, each and every night, and whenever I want.


  1. L,
    That is the MOST beautiful and heartfelt gift I have ever seen. VERY- VERY beautiful! The photo, of course, but even more, your love and how very much you need each other. Thank you so much to both of you for sharing this!
    XOXO Pearl

  2. Beautiful photo, what a thoughtful gift from her.