Saturday, September 13, 2014

the sub who wouldn't swallow: a fable

Once upon a time in the far, far north there lived an obedient but albeit sassy sub who lived to please her Sir in every way possible.

She lived for serving him. She made sure he had his coffee every morning, she wore whatever panties he chose for her her, she kneeled before him on command, she wore her collar to bed every night...every detail specified in the contract she happily signed, she did. She made sure that each and every night, Sir had an orgasm.

She was, as she tried to be, a good girl.

With one exception.

She could not swallow Sir.

She had no problem sucking on Sir. Relished it, to be specific. Sometimes, she could not wait to have him in her mouth. They would be in the middle of a session and she would start opening her mouth like a little bird, and inching her head over her Sir's hardness, wanting him in her mouth. Wanting that feeling of his smooth and soft head sliding in, followed by the inches of his hardness. Wanting him to grab the back of her head and fuck her mouth. Wanting that feeling of sucking...of pleasing.

With one exception.

The swallowing.

When she sensed that Sir was getting close, she would withdraw, and beg for him to fuck her.

"Please Sir," she would say. "It's so tight and ready for you."

She just could not handle the thought of him erupting in her mouth.

It was, in part, due to the force of her Sir's ejaculate. She had, once upon a time, nicknamed him "buckets" because of the amount that shot out of him upon release. She encouraged him to pursue a career in the porn industry, where his money shot would be the talk of legends.

She did, truth be told, admire the force of his orgasms.

But not in her mouth.

That, she could not handle.

Sir wanted it of course. He wanted to hold her head firmly against his crotch when he came, to force her to suck out every...last...drop. He wanted her to swallow. He wanted that release, that feeling of his pet miking out every bit of his cum, and continuing to suck on him until his hardness evaporated into softness in her mouth.

He did want that.

But Sir was a kind Sir, and cognizant of his pet's dislike for such an act, so though there were times he said he was going to come in her mouth, he would stop at the last second, and then fuck her. The fucking would not last long.

His orgasms filled her up.

If it were during the day, she would spend the rest of the day with Sir dripping out of her. Leaking thorough her panties with his cum.

He enjoyed that.

Just not the same as a good old fashioned swallowing that he expected from his cum-slut.

"It will take time," his sub said, usually pouting.

The one day a lion was walking through the jungle and he stepped on a thorn that got stuck in his paw and he could not get it out. Then a mouse came along, and it was a mouse that the lion contemplated eating earlier but didn't, and the mouse said he would pull the thorn out of the lion's paw but he was not strong enough. Then a genie came along, and he said that he would give the mouse the strength to pull the thorn out of the lion but only if the sub in the Far North would swallow her Sir's cum.

"That is a ridiculous fable," said the sub in the Far North. "It makes no sense whatsoever."

"There is a lion in pain because of your stubbornness," said Sir. "It's in your hands. Actually, your mouth."

"Fuck," said the stubborn sub. Then she took her Sir in her mouth and sucked away like the exceptional cocksucker she was, and when he came, she swallowed




Back in the jungles of Africa, the thorn miraculously fell out of the lion's paw on its own, which meant the mouse and the genie had little to do in its removal, and the three of them went to an IHOP and enjoyed a delightful breakfast together. Then the lion killed the mouse.

Moral of the story: Just swallow your Sir already. Jesus!