Friday, September 19, 2014

Return of the flogger

For months now, our flogger has been missing.  Simply gone. We had a session, and the next day, it was nowhere to be found.

Things get fuzzy during sessions, for L as well as me. There is Dom space just as much as there is subspace. After an intense session, the toys don’t get put away immediately. Never a wise move in a house full of kids. Sometimes it is just a matter of something ending up on the end of the bed, then covered under blankets. Or it slips under the bed. Or…God forbid…the dog finds it and takes it way under the bed.

Such is the way of life with BDSM in suburbia.

I tore the bedroom up looking for the flogger. It was one of our favorites. L got it for me for my birthday in 2013, it has this wicked little steel tips at the end and makes very nice marks, and I always loved the way it felt in my hand.

Could not find the damn thing anywhere.

In the back of my mind, I envisioned a horror story of our youngest finding it and dragging it off into his bedroom. Or that it made its way into a pile of dirty clothes and down to the laundry room, where one of the older kids found it, and, rather, than question why we had it, simply threw it away.

It was gone for months.

Last night I was sorting through my side of the closet, getting out clothes for a business trip I left on today. First time L and I would be apart for quite some time. I, of course, wanted to make our last night together in 10 days a memorable one, but we have had a bunch of other issues…work, family, health…that were getting in the way of us spending too much quality time together.

Imagine my surprise…dare I say, delight…when I pulled out a shirt from the back of the closet, and, there, hanging out of the pocket, was the flogger.

It was like being reunited with a long lost friend.

When we went to bed last night for our parting session, I surprised L with its finding. I used it hard for a fair amount of time. Who reacted better, I don’t know. My hardness was equally matched by L’s wetness. It has an amazing feel to it, leaves amazing marks…and is about as perfect as it comes.

We lost one of the steel tips last night. It fell off after one particularly hard lash.

That’s how perfect it is.

The flogger is back, but, sadly, I am gone, writing this from an airport bar while L is home in our bed and the flogger is and sound…in the toy chest in the top corner of my closet where it belongs.

I’ll be home in 10 days. Seems like an eternity when you are in love.

But L will be there in bed waiting when I return..her ass raised in the air.

And the long lost flogger will make another return as well.


  1. That happened to our dragon tail whip once. It was a really nice one, and I was worried that we'd left it at a party, or even worse, that someone had gone in our bag and taken it. It turned out to have fallen in the back of the closet though, inside a box, and I found it when I was moving stuff around back there.

    A steel tipped flogger sounds like agony, BTW. Nice :).

  2. So glad you found it! Loading a favorite toy/implement is so sad. (Or scary if you have kids.)