Tuesday, October 28, 2014


L is currently a stay at home pet, so I decided today that I need to start taking better advantage of her free time to work on a couple of items that have been in need of correction.

Email from S to L the morning of October 28, 2014:


We have waited long enough in regards to this whole issue you have with me coming in your mouth. The book I read from said it best where the sub talked about how it is an act she despises as well but the fact that she does it shows how important it is to please her Master. You are quite good at pleasing me sexually but at the same time, you derive pleasure from those actions as well. For things that you truly do not like doing, getting you to do them is something else altogether.

All that being said, I will be home at lunch. I will meet you in the bedroom. You will get on your knees. You will undo my belt, pull down my pants and underwear, take my cock out and suck on it in the wonderful way that you do. You will not stop. I will come in your mouth. You can keep tissues by your side to spit it into when you are done.

The training begins today. No more putting it off.

Afterwards, I will enjoy the lunch you prepared for me and go back to work well taken care of by my pet.

Let me know if any of this is unclear or if you have any questions.

--Your Stern Sir 

And you know what? 

That is exactly what happened.

Well, for the most part.

I had lunch first.

p.s. Both were quite good.


  1. Nice that you enjoyed it. Did the fact you were obeying make it better?


  2. Personally, taste wise, I find it better to swallow than bring it back to the forefront of my mouth than spit it out. I find the texture/taste makes me gag more spitting than swallowing. Though of course, just to counteract that act, Master has me hold his cum in my mouth until he says I can swallow or open my mouth and have the cum dance over my tongue or show him before permission is granted.

    1. Thank you for the comment Anonymous. I always like to demonstrate to pet how she has it quite easy compared to other subs out there. She tends to get rather pouty when being asked to do something she really does not like doing and as I always tell her...it could be much worse, and she knows my twisted mind is capable of coming up with ways that it could be worse.

  3. Seems like the perfect way to get the training started.

  4. Welcome to the club, not the favorite thing as far as the act itself for me but it does make me feel pretty damn submissive.

  5. One of my most favourite acts really..
    swallowing...gagging.....face fucking...love it
    it is a pretty submissive act especially on the floor or bent over...my opinion anyway
    Glad you enjoyed it x

  6. I love my Dom with all my heart. But the texture and smell of cum makes me want to puke. lol My Dom knows this. Hell I can fix a steak dinner and because of a smell or not tasting right I will spit it out and have to eat something else. Of course my Dom doesn't care as he gets an extra steak ;)