Thursday, January 8, 2015


I’m writing this posting from an airplane about 30,000 feet above what I think might be the Midwest, en route to St. Louis for work. I will be there for a week then I head over to New Orleans for more work, where L will be joining me. How could she not? I can’t imagine being in New Orleans without her, what better couple to visit and experience a city of debauchery than a couple so debaucherous as the two of us?

(debaucherous should really be a word, by the way)

I gave L a farewell session last night, our toy of choice these days being the rug beater. It is a wonderfully solid spanking implement, and L says it puts her under quicker than any other of our toys. We made good use of it over the holiday break, even managing to leave L bruised and sore for days afterwards, a rarity for my pet who has been able to take a lot from me but waking up the next day just fine.

It’s hard to leave L behind. As I told her in her memo yesterday, I feel such a sense of responsibility to her and the rest of the family that I hate to take off on these work trips. Not that L can’t take care of herself. She is more competent and savvy than any other woman I have ever known, but I just like to be there for her.

At the airport this morning I sent her her memo for today, outlining my expectations for what she is to do (and not do) while I am gone. I do not think I ask for anything out of the ordinary or too demanding; I’m quite lenient for the D half of a 24/7 D/s relationship. Some of my requirements during my absence are as follows:

1.     L has to text me with “Good morning Sir, I am owned by you” first thing in the morning and her closing text to me has to be “Good night Sir, I am owned by you.”

2.     She is required to wear her collar to bed, unless our youngest son happens to sleep with her while I am gone. (Because, hey. Awkward)

3.     She is required to tell me when she leaves the house and where she goes.

4.     She is required to ask permission before engaging in any social activity.

5.     She is not allowed to masturbate without asking permission.

6.     She is required to respond promptly to any texts or emails I send her.

L is the type of sub where, in the absence of her Dom being around, would be quite likely to “do her own thing”, so I view the above, and being quite firm about it, as being even more necessary while I am gone than when I am there. I think both of us feed off those dynamics, whether in person or from afar.

And it’s only for a week. She will be joining me in the Big Easy next Thursday, we will grope and embrace each other like a couple of teenagers, then go about on our adventures. Great companionship, great food, great drink….and…lots of great debauchery.


  1. Hope you have a successful trip. Very good rules, I am always required to say Good Morning via message as well, and goodnight as well if He is out of town, but I love the addition of I am owned by you. :)

    I very much enjoy your blog.


  2. Sounds perfectly do-able as a list to complete.