Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Good times were had

L and I got back from my work trip in New Orleans on Friday, and are trying to adjust back to reality (work! kids! bills! and really really cold weather!) after what was one of our best trips ever. This is saying quite a bit, as last month we had the good fortune of going to Australia, but both L and I agree that New Orleans was an even better trip than Australia. It really was a city meant for the two of us, giving us everything that we love to experience. Amazing food. Fantastic music. Constant flow of alcohol. Great people.

And a very sexy city.

Few things were more sexy than our hotel room. We stayed at The Saint Hotel off of Canal Street, a boutique hotel about three years old but in a building dating about 100 years. It was a hotel that flaunted sin, such as a drink menu in the bar that had drinks named after the seven deadly sins and a suite called the Lucifer Suite that featured a stripper pole.

We did not opt for the Lucifer Suite. Would have been difficult to write that off as a business expense. But our regular suite turned out to be perfect, a classy hotel room with lots of nice amenities.

The one in particular that I enjoyed was the wall size mirror that made up the headboard.

Hmm. What can I say? Turns out this Dom REALLY likes to watch playing with his sub, and the above mirror offered a view that I had not witnessed before. We made good use of that mirror. I watched us in every possible position: L sucking me off, me fucking her from behind, me fucking her missionary style, me caning her, me watching her suck off another man while I fucked her (oh yeah, that happened, but I'm sure you don't want to hear the details).she got to watch as well when she climbed on top of me and rode me in that great way she does. 

It was, as the say...hot.

I did not watch us engage in very many intense BDSM sessions, in part because by the time we did crawl into bed, we had been out on the town for quite awhile, and one of the things I have made a rule is that when we are both intoxicated (me moreso) we won't go heavy on the BDSM activity. A session is only as good as the amount of control the Dom has over the session, and a Dom who has a few Hurricanes under his belt is not going to have much control at all.

But we did fuck.

And I watched.

Watching was not confined to our hotel room. As I said, New Orleans is a very sexy city. It is home to two swinger's clubs close to the French Quarter, and it just so happened that we visited one of them...Club Colette...while there.

We went there...and we watched.

And we were watched in return.

But that is another posting.


  1. How marvelous! I've wanted to go to New Orleans, and really should visit before I move off of the East Coast. Can't wait to read more stories about it.

  2. You bet we sure do want more details on some of those remarks! What awesome fun!