Thursday, January 8, 2015


2015 is well underway, and new years for me have always been a cause of intense reflection for the last six years, ever since my life meandered off into a completely different direction.

My reflection of 2014, though, is much different than past reflections. Much, much different.

It is, as I told L as the year was winding down, the first year that I have not looked back and had regrets over things that had happened. It was the first time where, shortly before the clock struck midnight, I was not filled with a sense of relief that the year was over.

It was a good year.

It was a very good year.

It was one of the best years for L and I. If you have followed the blog from the beginning, you have seen posts where we have alluded to our lives as being on top of “shit mountain”; so firmly on top at times that we wondered when we could come back down. We struggled with issues and situations both inside and outside of our control, and all along the way, through the good or bad, we embraced our D/s dynamics as a way to survive it. Even that had its falterings. I was not always a good Dom and L was not always a good sub.

But 2014..2014 was way different. We had some struggles, but they were just regular day to day struggles…job changes, financial problems, worrying over how the kids were doing in school…they were simply the regular struggles that couples and families all across the world change. And, like regular couples, we worked through them, and we worked through them quite well. Sometimes we worked through them using the D/s dynamics, other times we just did what other high-functioning and well-matched couples do. We had a couple of arguments…hey, no one’s perfect..

But, still…

It was a good year.

It was a very good year.

After what seemed like a life time on top of shit mountain, L and I removed ourselves off of it completely. Then, once we were off, we threw a stick of dynamite at it and blew that motherfucker up.

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