Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"W" is for "Words"

From May 21:


Of course that would be the word.

Our relationship began with words and it continues to thrive today with my words.

Of all of the ways I control you, my words remain my most effective tool. You know that. Imagine a day with no memos, none of my words...two days? three days? I know that just the thought of that alone makes you sad and would be a horrible yet effective punishment.

I have no idea how many written words have been exchanged between the two of us, if we were to take every single email and text over the years and dump them all in to a Word document and do a word count, what would the total be? If all of our words were combined into a book, how big would that book be?

It's not all about MY words though. Your words are quite effective as well. I still get a thrill out of seeing an email reply from you, a text notification, etc.

I can do so many things to you with my words. I can construct sentences with just the right words, just the right meaning, just the right way, and they will make you drip. Literally. My words can make you touch yourself, make you crave my cock, make you lust for my Domination. 

My words can bring you to your knees to service me, but they can also bring you to your knees to beg for forgiveness.

My words to you speak volumes.

No words to you at all speak an even louder volume.

Fortunately for you, you never have to worry about it.

As long as you are a good girl, of course.

I love you very much.


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