Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"Z" is for "Zipping..."

From May 28:


And so it comes to an end.

26 letters. 26 words. 26 memos.

"Z" is the hardest by far.

"Zen" was a possibility, but you thought of it as well, and I would prefer to challenge myself and come up with words that you are not expecting.

I actually thought of "Zero", as in "Zero" is the number of days I can handle being apart from you, it is the number of minutes during the day when you do not cross my mind, it is how much tolerance I have with you acting out or not doing as told...

Yes, that was a possibility.

But I am going with zipping...

As in...zipping up your dress.

That might sound silly, so let me explain.

I enjoy that simple act of zipping up your dress for you, somewhat erotic (I can find erotic in the simplest of things, actually) as I pull the zipper up, your bare backside revealed to me..your bra strap...bringing the zipper all the way up, perhaps running my fingers along your spine...the back of your neck. 

It is tied into the fact that you are wearing a dress, and looking nice to please me, and good lord, do you ever look nice in your dresses...those amazing legs revealed, cleavage accentuated, and dresses allow for easy access to the parts below....

It's just nice.

But not as nice as the reverse.

Zipping up is one thing. 

Zipping down is another.

Pulling the zipper down, backside and bra strap revealed again...zipper all the way down, you stepping out of your dress...more of you exposed, milky white skin that I want to taste every part of..then...no dress. You close to naked, looking ever so fuckable..unzipped dress on the floor, you on the bed, legs slightly spread..me standing before you.

Your hand finding my own zipper. Pulling it down. Unsnapping the pants. Taking my cock out of my pants, your mouth finding it...sucking on it, as you look up at me with my hand firmly grasping the back of your head...

From there...

Many other things happen.

So many things happen.

But it all begins zipping...

I love you very much.


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