Monday, June 11, 2012

Everything is right in the world.

L and I completely reconnected this weekend, just in time for her to take another trip out of town for the next three days today. This afternoon we have been texting each other about toys she should look into purchasing while she is gone, in time for her birthday this coming weekend. Though her departure was, once again, bittersweet, it was made tolerable by our weekend together where we found tremendous pleasure with each other both in and out of the bedroom.

L's declaration of being submissive to me has never been stronger than the way she expressed herself to me at times over the weekend, literally dropping to her knees in front of me and surrendering herself to me, telling me how all that she desires is to please me. Writing this on Monday afternoon I am not even sure how many times we fucked, how many times she came, how many times I spanked is somewhat of a blur at this point. In between the fucking and spanking was tender intimacy, of body rubs and tight embraces, passionate kissing and gentle touching. Last night as i was starting to go to sleep L made her way down to my cock, limp from exhaustion, and she brought it back to life with her mouth, slowly sucking on me until I exploded one more time for the weekend in her mouth, which she dutifully swallowed and continued sucking every last drop.

Email exchange between S and L on Monday morning:


Well, you have barely been gone and I already miss you. You have that effect on me. I am sure glad we had the weekend we had before you left for the next three days, it just all reaffirmed how incredibly great we are together in so many ways. Besides giving you the gift of yourself, you have given me the gift of home, and that feeling means so much to me right now. I feel we are already back on track, and am very pleased with your actions this weekend and how passionate you were in expressing how you would do anything for me...that you are all mine. It was good, very good.

Going to miss falling asleep with you the next two nights.

More later. I love you very much.

I would do anything for you. You own me. Glad we had the fabulous weekend....we really needed it.
I miss you too. I really really do.


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