Friday, June 8, 2012

So very, very wet...

L and I had one of our nicer evenings in recent weeks last night. After a dinner of sushi that I picked up and brought home, we lied in bed together watching tv. L was wearing a shirt and panties, and she rested her head on my hip while we watched television, my hand on her head. Occasionally, I would grab a handful of her hair and yank her head back, which caused her to moan every so slightly.

After awhile, I moved my hand down from he hair to caress her cheek, and by doing so, L was pretty clear on what was about to happen next. My caresses then turned into little pats, and I could feel her body tremble with my touch. She then removed her glasses so her face was completely clear, and when she did so, I raised my hand and brought it back down on her cheek with a resounding slap.

"Uhhhh!" she said.

Caress, pat, slap. Caress, pat, slap. I repeated the process a few times, with L moaning and writhing with each one.

"Good god do you make me wet," she said. I moved my hand down to the front of her panties where a clear wet spot had formed. Wanted to explore further, I slid my fingers under her elastic band where a literal fountain awaited me. L was soaked. She gets wet quite easily around me, lube has never been necessary for the two of us, in fact, she gets so wet that she has to wipe out sometimes. But this was extra wet for her, and I enjoyed the sensation of it as I slid a finger deep inside of her and explored her dripping pussy.

"Is this my wet pussy?" I asked her.

"Yes," she replied, breathlessly.

"Do you want your Master's hard cock inside of you?" I asked her.

"Oh god, yes...please," she said, arching her hips up to meet the movement of my fingers.

I instructed her we would have to wait. The kids were still up in the next room, and I told her she needed to learn to be patient, that she would soon enjoy the sensation of my hard cock filling her up. She reluctantly complied.

Bedtime. L first took me into her mouth, kneeling next to the bed beside me. She has never been able to take all of me in when I am fully hard, but she tried her best, and I grabbed the back of her head and guided her down, fucking her mouth in return. It was an exceptional blow job, and as she bobbed her head down, stroking my shaft with her hand,  I could tell that my orgasm was not far behind.

I allowed her to stop and she asked if she could ride me, which I complied. Despite her wetness it was a tight fit as she slid down my entire length. I raised my hips up to penetrate her fully, and then she was riding me. "Are you riding you Master's cock?" I asked her.

"Oh god..yes," she said, and within a matter of seconds I knew she was about to come.

But only with my permission.

"You may come," I said. "Come while you are riding your Master's cock."

She increased her riding, her eyes closed with pleasure.

"Open your eyes and look at me!" I commanded, and she did, and our eyes burned into each other as the first orgasm rippled through her body. Her riding continued, and a second one was not far behind.

I had been holding back on my own but was ready to let go. "Keep looking in my eyes," I said. "Do not close them." She lowered her head to mine as I grabbed her ass, our eyes staring into each other, and with a hard thrust I rose up to meet her and then exploded deep inside of her. She continued riding me, milking each drop of cum out of me with her dripping, tight pussy.

She then rolled over off of me, both of us breathing heavy, our naked bodies dripping with perspiration as I continued to run my hands over her. We were both sexually satisfied, satisfied with each other, in love and content, and at that moment, did not have a care in the world.