Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Purchase, Part II

Here is L's response to how the experiment went. I think in any D/s relationship, there has to be a sense of humor involved if things don't sometimes go as planned.

Hmmm, lets see.  I did end up going out with one in and it wasn't bad at all.  There is of course a story as to why it was only one.  They would not stay in no matter what I tried.  I have excellent muscle control (can still push out a tampon) and do kegels all the thoughtyay, what fun.  Not so much.  I think that if you wore super tight jeans they may stay in just by being held there.  I was getting desperate in my desire to please S and was worried I wouldn't be able to do this so lay down and pushed them in as far as they would go.  Stood up and out pops one.....only one.  Ugh, I'm checking the bed and all over as I can't feel if the damn thing is still in or not.  I take a shower and try to find it.  Reminds me of mars in there, the red planet.....ugh.  I can feel the tip and am reassured that yes, it is still there but I can't reach it.  Ugh.  No time so just put it out of my mind and go out.  I have to pee and think for sure it will pop out then.....nope.  It worried me all evening.  What if S can't reach it?  What if I end up at the emergency room?  Then I was worried about him digging up in there....loads of worries.  Thankfully he was able to find it and reach it with his super long fingers and all was good.  I wouldn't recommend shoving them up to no mans land but for use in the bedroom or for interesting kegels they would work just fine.

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  1. Oh L, thank you for the laugh!
    I absolutely hate that feeling of wondering if something is truly stuck.
    And I always do love a review that tells you how something Really works.