Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New purchase

I work 14-hour days five days a week so pet and I don't get a chance to go socialize together as much as we would like, which is unfortunate, as we are both social creatures and have fun together. Pet has a group of friends she likes to go socialize with at the neighborhood bar from time to time while I at work, which she does, but only after permission from me and she is required to check in with me.

I have been telling her that I am going to buy something for her so that she is reminded of my presence and who in fact owns her pussy when she is not around me, so today I picked up the following..a pair of Crystal Kegel Eggs and delivered them to her office. She plans on going out tonight, and is required to insert them before going out and can only take them out once she gets back home.

I don't think she is a fan of them...hasn't tried them yet. I suppose there is concern of them possibly falling out but my pet has exceptional muscle control (it's quite nice) down there so I think they are safe. And like she said...she knows it could have been something a lot worse.


  1. Ooh these sound interesting. Much more fun then just doing them daily on your own.

  2. Let us know how she does having them inserted while going out.