Friday, November 9, 2012

Fading memories of vanilla

Pet and I had a session last night that was less than successful in some ways, but, successful in others. I’ll write about that more later.

I’ve reached a point where I don’t quite remember what our pre-D/s sex life was like, though it was only six months ago that we embraced this lifestyle. We have always had very good sex; in the beginning, our relationship was all about the sex but that was fleeting as well as emotions quickly caught up with passions and we became something much, much more than that.

The sex was always good, always intense, but it pales in comparison to what it is now.  And like I said, I have a hard time remembering what it was like exactly.

It doesn’t seem right to think of sex with pet without what we do now. It doesn’t seem right to think of sex with pet without the grabbing of hair and forcing her mouth on my cock; without the nightly spanking of the ass and the pulling of the nipples; without doing things to her that result in sounds that are equal parts pleasure and equal parts pain; without her having her collar on whenever I demand it; without holding off on sliding my cock deep inside her for as long as possible, making her beg (she begs so well!) incessantly for it; without me verbally commanding her to pleasure me like the fuck toy she is…

And so on. And so forth.

What was it like before that? Before this?

I don’t know.

And I don’t care to ever go back to it.

This morning as I rubbed her ass before I left for the day, and I felt a rising down below, and a desire to move from rubbing to spanking, I asked her “What have you done to me?”

“It was there all along,” she said. “The question is, what have you done to me?”

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