Friday, November 9, 2012


Pet and I never established a safe word when we entered our D/s contract, she didn’t feel like it was necessary as she felt she could completely trust me to do as I felt fit.

Last night was one of those nights where if we did have a safe word, she would have probably used it.

It began rather innocently. The children had gone to bed and she was lying next to me in our bed, finishing up a book she had been reading. She had on her mandatory pink nightgown with nothing on underneath, and I began running my hands underneath, squeezing at her breasts and sliding my fingers down her torso and to her thighs. I was quite hungry for her, ready for our night of pleasure.

Pulling her over to the side of the bed and spreading her legs open, I got off the bed on my knees so I could get the best access to her pussy. I absolutely love tasting my pet’s pussy; every aspect of that act is intoxicating to me; her smell, taste, the shape of her pussy…the way she will hold her lips open for me. She’s quite sensitive to the act and will often times try to have me stop because the sensation is overwhelming to her. It’s taking some work, but she is coming to terms with the fact that when I am tasting her…tasting the pussy that I own…I stop when I am ready to stop.

Poor pet…a Master who can’t get enough of orally pleasing her!

After a few minutes of darting my tongue in and out of her pussy and around the clit, I was ready for more. Wanted to give her more. Spreading her lips open even further, I did something we had never done before, and I spanked her pussy.

The effect was immediate, and she almost moved completely over to the other side of the bed in her reaction. “Oh god,” she said. “I wasn’t prepared for that….”

I delivered a few more, not too hard, but striking directly on her pussy, where each slap came in contact with wetness. And with each strike, she grew and more resistant, shifting her body to try and get away, turning to avoid the strikes.

“This is MY pussy!” I growled, rising up and slapping her tits soundly.

“Please sir,” she said, almost crying. “Please sir, I can’t do this…I can’t get into this right now…please…it hurts.”

For whatever reason, pet wasn’t able to get into her sub space that night, to be able to completely accept the pain that she normally craved. Recognizing that she did have limits..and tonight was that limit…I backed off.

Just a little.

I went back to tasting her, and too the opportunity to try out a new toy on her that I recently purchased that she had already enjoyed, a slim silver bullet vibrator with a handheld speed controller. Pressing the bullet up against her clit, I adjusted the speed while my tongue continued to explore her. Her orgasm was quick and intense.

After she came, I flipped her over and reached for the lube in my nightstand drawer and poured a small amount on her ass. I then eased a finger inside of her to open her up and then removed it and replaced it with the bullet and turned it back on, while my hand made its way back to her clit. She moaned in pleasure, her body almost thrashing around on the bed. I then removed the bullet and replaced it with my finger, sliding deep inside her ass while my other finger slid inside her pussy.

“These are my fuck holes, aren’t they?” I growled.

“Yes sir, they are,” she said.

I adjusted our bodies so she could suck my cock, and then all of her holes were occupied by me…her mouth sucking on me, my fingers fucking away at her ass and pussy. It wasn’t long before the begging began, the pleas for her to fuck her.

And fuck her I did, teasing her at first with the tip of my cock along the outside of her lips, dipping in slightly, ever slightly, tantalizing her.

“You want this cock?” I said. “You want this cock deep inside of you?”

“Yes please sir,” she said, breathlessly, as she tried to arch her back up to draw me inside of her.

I fucked her hard and fast, bringing her to orgasm again. I then rolled off of her onto my back and ordered her on top of me. She got on top of me, facing me.

“No,” I said, “The other way.”

Turning around to reverse cowgirl, she eased her soaking and slightly sore cunt onto my cock, and I turned my light on so I could get a better view. It was a heavenly sight, as she leaned forward and grabbed my ankles and lifted her ass up so I could see the entire length of my cock going in and out of her. The combination of the visual and the sensation sent me over the edge, and I was soon coming deep inside of her.

Rolling off of me, we lay there, hands touching each other. She began apologizing profusely for earlier, and we talked through it, like a good Master and pet should. She knew that I could have continued doing whatever I wanted to that night, without hesitation, no matter her reaction.

But we Masters have to be mindful of limits. Had I ignored how she was feeling and her inability to find her place, it could have had a negative effect. It could have resulted in lack of trust for next time, of her wondering how far would I go on her. She’s encouraging me, as she says “to let my twisted mind run wild” with her and do whatever, but I know that doing whatever sometimes just isn’t realistic.

I plan on picking up where we left off last night later tonight. She’ll be better prepared this time.


  1. We tend to put limits on ourselves because we don't believe we could go any further, and having someone we trust help us push through them helps us to know exactly where we could go, letting us know that we could go just a little further than we once thought, that we are stronger. The foundation of trust is essential for this to be successful; having one who is in tune with us and knows when to back off. I cannot even explain the depth of beauty in this; it needs to be experienced.
    Thank you for sharing this. I have not been around for awhile and need to do some catching up on reading some of your posts. I look forward to it, and from the post I last remember reading just before I stepped away for a break and what I read here, there has been alot of growth between the two of you.

  2. Thank you for the comment Jacquie. Yes, there has been a lot of growth between us, to almost intense levels at times.