Friday, November 30, 2012

Three Hours

Pet has been gone for a week now, and between the reason for her being gone, some stupidity on my part, and some potentially life changing things happening in my world, we continue to reside on top of Shit Mountain, but always coming back to each other, always craving each other, always NEEDING each other...because of our strong D/s connection. I yearn for my hand striking pet's ass, my hand grabbing and yanking her hair while I fuck her form behind, as much as I crave her companionship, her smile, her love.

She gets back at 8p.m. Friday night. I fly out of state at midnight that night, and when I get back to town later the next week, she will be back out of town again.

Our reunion tomorrow night will be about three hours long.

We have no intention on spending it being domestic.

The kids will be home, so I got us a hotel room. My plan is to go check in before she arrives and setting up the bed and the room in the manner that is necessary for our three hours. We need a hotel room. Children do not need to hear the sounds their mother is going to be making.

I plan on making the most of it.

Text from pet on 11/27:

I want crazy hard everything sex.

Text from pet later that day:

I want you to leave marks for sure.

Text from pet on 11/28:

Holy I miss you pulling my hair. Like bad.

Plan on taking all of our toys to the room. Plan on making the most of those 180 minutes. Plan on leaving marks. Plan to make sure she remembers and knows, without question, when she drops me off at the airport three hours later, who her Master and owner is.

With all that being confession for the night is this.

Good god, do I miss her. I am lost without her. Lost without her submission to me.


  1. Oh, I do not now how you guys stand it! Three hours only? It's like some horrible torture chamber!

    Just make sure you leave room for her to come down before she has to drive. :) The shakes can be pretty bad.

    1. My k has been sticking for 2 days. *know

  2. It's certainly not ideal! Like I said, we will make the most of it. A lot of times, that is the best we can do. The worst part is after all said and have done, after we have pleasured each other to exhaustion, that we can't curl up next to each other and go to sleep, and will instead have to say goodbye again.

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