Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The weekend of many spanks

It was a very good weekend for pet and I, with lots of time spend in bed not only at night but we had the opportunity to sneak away to our private world under the covers during the day as well. By Sunday night I lost track of the number of times we fucked, the number of times pet slowly sucked on me...and, in particular, the number of times I spanked her.

Well into the hundreds. Spanking is no longer something that is done from time to time as a form of maintenance, or turned up to "11" when a punishment is in order, it is now a part of us, fully ingrained into our sex life as a form of extended foreplay. Nothing gets me harder than lifting pet's nightgown up so her ass is exposed and she shifts her knees so she is elevated and presented to me.

It always begins with caresses, my hands running over her cheeks, stroking, kneading, lightly patting. From there the swats begin..slowly and softly at first, then picking up on impact and speed. From time to time I will stop and rub and caress, and examine my pussy with my fingers, where I am always greeted with extraordinary wetness.

The sound of my hand slapping across her ass, that oh-so-satisfying smack. The feel of my hand on her ass. No longer do spanking sessions leave my hand sore, as they did in the beginning. I sometimes get into a rhythm and feel I could spank her for hours, and though she might say otherwise...she wouldn't mind it in the least.

I now understand a little better the idea behind TTWD. Spanking, quite clearly, is our TTWD. Beyond that, it is almost a necessity. The energy involved in it, the whole significance of it for both of us..."makes me feel so owned" she will purr to is all incredibly intense. Gets me going. Gets me hard.

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