Friday, December 13, 2013

2 + 1

This will be a somewhat brief post...a teasing of sorts. After discussing it several times, and talking about it here in this blog, L and I are going to allow a third to join us tonight.

He's a local Dom that I met online that met all of the criteria of what I was looking for when doing this. He understands and respects the D/s dynamics, knows what his role is to be, is discrete, does not bring any issues to the table, and will essentially be an anonymous person from L's perspective.

We have a hotel room. I will prepare her ahead of time, restraining her to the bed and putting her into subspace. When she is slightly under, he will come in the room and join us. She will be blindfolded. He will not speak. Everything that occurs will be at my direction and command. For L, it will simply be...another set of hands to spank her...another mouth to taste her...

Another cock to fill her.

Some commenter on our blog said that eventually a lot of BDSM and D/s relationships go in this direction. Not all of them, but some do. Going in this direction in a D/s context is a lot different than what vanilla couples do when they decide to venture into inviting others into the bedroom. The D/s context clearly sets the boundaries over what is going to happen.

My reason for doing this has a lot to do with pride. I am proud of my pet. I want to show her off, to display her to another man. I want him to see what a good girl she is, how talented she is with her mouth, how tight and wet she is.

L wants to do this because her first and foremost desire is to please me, and she knows such an activity would please me. She wants to make me proud.

These are the things she says if asked why she wants to do it.

I believe they are true. But there are other reasons she wants to do it.

We have talked about this in bed, during sessions. I have whispered in her ear "Imagine your Sir's cock fucking your pussy while another man's cock is in your mouth." I whisper these things, and then I reach down between her legs and explore her with my fingers, where I find total and complete wetness.

More to come. Literally...and figuratively.


  1. Wow! I say L is a lucky girl. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.


  2. Oh my! Sounds like it'll be a great experience.