Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The best of 2013

As I said in yesterday's post, 2013 was quite the year for us. I offer now, in no particular order, some of my favorite postings/moments from the last year.

We certainly had some great ones....with more to come in 2014.

1. The First Time, in which L and I pretend like we are two virgin high schoolers worried about getting caught by her mom.

2.Captive, in which L and I take things to another level during an overnight stay in a hotel room, and she experiences sub space for the first time as she talks about in her posting about the night.

3. The New Bed, in which L and I make our first and most significant purchase in our relationship, and L's posting about it here.

4. Happy Birthday to Me, in which L presents me with a couple of gifts that fall into the category of the gift that keeps on giving....

5. More of Everything, which nicely summarizes what the two of us want in this relationship.

6. Wet, in which I talk about one of the many things I love about L and the pussy that I own.

7. Rape Scene, a fairly intense session, which resulted in L discovering subdrop for the first time.

8. Pussy Spanking, a brief homage to one of my favorite activities (interestingly enough, one we did last night that made L come...)

9. Update from L: Coming Down Shit Mountain, one of my favorite postings from L.

10. 3, in which I share L with another man for the first (but not the last, my pet) time.

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