Monday, December 30, 2013

A very (not) vanilla Christmas

Here in the Far North we are coming out of almost a week of much needed hibernation, stretching our arms, and getting ready to tackle the world outside of our home and, the place where we spent a lot of our Christmas break, our bedroom. It was a great Christmas --- the first Christmas L and I spent together and our first in our new family mode. It’s a time of peace for us in many ways, and I think the underlying word that defines all that is us right now is content as we close off 2013 in a better place than we entered it, and where 2014 and beyond holds promises that we are probably not even fully aware of yet.

Lying in bed the other day L half kiddingly said “This has been a pretty vanilla break.” She was half kidding because the reality is, there wasn’t much vanilla at all about the things we did behind our closed and locked bedroom door. The only day there was no type of BDSM activity was on Christmas night, not because we felt the day was too sacred and holy for such activities, but because when we did finally crawl into bed, we were both simply too exhausted to do anything.

But the rest of the break was business as usual. The cane made it’s nightly appearance, L was restrained on more than one occasion. The flogger came out of the closet, panties were ripped off of L and shoved in her mouth to keep her quiet, she was fucked hard with a dildo, she was collared and leashed and ordered to suck on me on several occasions --- these are hardly the activities of a June and Ward Cleaver! On the evening of the day she made that comment, she was caned for one hour straight – our longest session yet.

What is happening here is that once again we are realizing we have not yet reached the thresholds of our limits --- for her, or for me.  The activities we engage in in bed are by no means vanilla, rather, it is more a factor that it is not enough. The only thing that kept one hour of caning going into two hours of caning was the late hour of the night. The fact that we have family and a little child who knocks on the bedroom door at random times keeps us at bay as well. There are things I want to do to L that exist, for now, in the dark recesses of what she calls my twisted mind. I’ve made some discoveries about her --- and about myself --- and subsequently, about us as a couple --- this last year, that excite me. That arouse me. And what excites me and arouses me the most is the fact that it has the same effect on L.

We go into 2014 a different couple than the ones that went into 2013. That difference is not limited to just the bedroom, it also encompasses the world around us, the family that we have created, and the trials and difficulties that we have overcome.

2014 will be a lot of things for us.

But the one thing it won’t be?

It won’t be vanilla.

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  1. You guys are so awesome! I love reading all about your adventures. :-)

    Sorry to hear about your 4hr days though... I forget people live way up there!