Saturday, December 20, 2014


L and I are in a 24/7 D/s relationship.

It is one thing to say that, and another thing to live it.

Few things in life are truly 24/7, with the exception of a Denny's restaurant.

I think there are others who manage to make that reality than we do, relationships that are more centered around Master/slave than what we have. The reality is, it's just not that easy to keep it up through every second of our lives. I am not always Dominant and L is not always submissive; she is not always serving me and I am not always controlling her. We have busy lives with kids and work and families and now all of my last posting..has expanded upon. As we navigate the course of our day, L is not always looking to me for approval, I am not always giving her directives or stern looks. She does make decisions on her own.

But it is there, hidden, really, beneath all that we do. We might not practice 24/7 D/s, but it is there in its own way. L knows what is expected of her and what the repercussions are if she slips.

Then there is the bedroom where the D/s roars like a lion, where L is not allowed to come to bed without asking permission. A collar is worn, and I do bad things to her. Last night I worked her over with the rug beater so intensely that she is sore and bruised today (longtime readers know that L does not bruise easily) prior to me fucking her up the ass (which is also not always the case).

There have been times when the D/s outside of the bedroom has been stronger than it is now. I am not sure what has changed. I think, in some ways, we have evolved. The D/s does not have to be as evident as it once was because the prior work has created a solid foundation.

Like I said, few things in life are truly 24/7.

With the exception of a Denny's restaurant.

A grand slam breakfast sounds pretty damn good right now. Perhaps I will direct my bruised submissive to go to the nearest one and get me one.


  1. I'm in 24/7 for about 5 years so far and at some stage we had the situation of me knowing what he expected and him knowing I did my best. Then we didn't feel the D/s relation at all. There were no punishments (as I did my best) and no orders (as I knew perfectly well what he expected) and finally practically no D/s relation.
    So that is awesome that you two can make it work and you don't feel lack of what you've got. I hope you'll keep going that path and good luck ;)

    Sorry for any mistakes I made - my English is still not the best :)

  2. We are 24/7 but I am not always serving him, not always submitting, just as he's not all the Domly things all the time. That is natural to us. Plus we have a child who we don't want to expose to the lifestyle.
    One of my favorite things about being with Sir for the last 24 years is that I know that intensity will come and go, that there will be ebbs and flows in passion, in D/s. I love knowing that when it seems non existent, if I just wait long enough I will feel that passion build between us.
    You are so right about nothing being 24/7 except for Denny's, but the best restaurants open early for the times they're needed and will stay open late for the right circumstance. ;)