Sunday, February 8, 2015


Today L and I were lying on our bed together having a lazy day together (they seem rare, as of late) and I felt the need for a nap coming on, so I turned over to L, rested my head on her lap and took a nap.

It is usually the opposite with L's head on my lap, while I run my fingers through her hair, sometimes giving it a slight tug.

Today I put my head on my pet's lap and took a nap. It wasn't a Dominant act on my end, nor a submissive act on her end, it just....was. I put my head on her lap and took a nap, while she watched some show about someone on Bravo, and as my eyelids sank and the nap over took me, I cared not if I was Dominant or if she was submissive, but rather, because it was the most wonderful place to be.


  1. It is moments like these that the true strength of these types of relationships shines through. The love, devotion and calmness just can't be replicated. Good luck to you both. DtBHC.

  2. 2 years ago to the day to blogged about Fuck toy. Today you blog about serenity. Is there anything more beautiful in life than progress?
    Happy days to you both!
    Thanks for sharing