Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Week Memo to my Pet: Wednesday


In the beginning there were words.

Moreso than what I said yesterday about the much fucking! really has been, from the very beginning about words.

And not just my words.

I know a lot of it has had to do with my words...I know it was my words that won you over and it is my words that you look forward to each and everyday. I know it is my words that you cling to, that you cherish each and every syllable, that you read over and over again...words that lift you up, words that make you swoon, make you laugh, make you drip..make you love me.

My words are for you. Yes, I have always been a writer, but not in the way that I write to you. You are my inspiration, my muse. 

What you might not fully realize is this: How much YOUR words mean to ME.

They always have, always will. Do you know how man times over the years I have hit refresh on my computer, waiting for an email from you? Do you know how I still get excited when I see your name show up on my in box, when my phone dings and I look down and it is a text from you?

Our words to each other...dictated through what must be thousands and thousands of emails...have made us who we are, in some ways. They have built us, made us stronger, helped us open up to each other. They have not always been good. There are times the words have been very bad.

That was, of course a long time ago.

I cannot ever see a point and time when our need for each others words ever goes away.Our daily love notes to each other will continue on and on. I certainly never have any intention of stopping..

And with that, my everything, I hit "Send"...

And then...




--Your Devoted Sir

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