Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine's Week Memo to my Pet: Monday


In the beginning there was boredom and two lost and drifting souls reaching out to each other in the dark.

What happened...well, what happened....was something that neither one of them ever, ever thought would happen.

Here we are five years later...but it doesn't seem like five...it seems like a lifetime to be honest. Those two lost souls in the dark bare little resemblance to the two people we are now...to the couple that we are now...to the family that we are now.

Pretty crazy, when you stop and think about it.

It's Monday, February 9...I'm here at work, about ready to go into a meeting, and as is usually the case, my thoughts drift to you.

It's Valentine's Week, and I plan to acknowledge how much your love means to me this week in a variety of little ways. 

Not sure where I would be without you or what I would be without you. I suspect I would still be that lost and drifting soul reaching out aimlessly in the dark, grabbing things that I shouldn't be grabbing on to.

Not so lost anymore. Not so aimless. I do reach out in the dark, but when I do, it is to touch you as you lie next to me sleeping in our bed.

I love you very much.

--Your Devoted Sir

p.s. Good maintenance session last night. You can expect more of those this week as well....

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