Saturday, March 21, 2015

From Friday Night

Just another typical night for S and L.

Because sometimes, I prefer to not use words.


  1. Ow, the rug beater looks painful!

  2. What is the old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words. Those pictures certainly are. The spanking for 33 seconds was very impressive as it reddened her ass.


  3. Hhmmm...I "thought" that I was able to handle quite a bit but I agree with ancilla- that rug beater looks CRAZY painful in the same spot over and over!

    Did you work up to that tolerance with L?

    Would you ask L if it as rough as it looks? (I know some implements look deceiving)

    How can you tell the difference when L has had enough and when her limits have further to be pushed?

    My Man is slowly moving towards more concentrated spankings and tolerance but I am just wondering from another D&s point of view on how this worked for you both. Thanks!

    1. There a Supreme Court Justice, who, when asked how he would define obscenity, said "I know it when I see it."

      I would say something similar to your question on how I know L has had her limits pushed far enough.

      I know it when I see it.

      As L said, the video was fairly mild. For one, the sessions last up to 30 minutes sometimes, with rarely a break unless I am doing a wetness inspection. And as she said, I will often times do it harder.

      It was not always that way. In the beginning...well, in the beginning, we thought 10 spanks with my hand was quite a bit. It has taken awhile to get to this point.

      I have not found her absolute limit yet. I think she can pushed very, very far in a lot of different ways. Even after a 30 minute session, she will sometimes be disappointed and want more. And no matter how intense the session is, she rarely ever bruises and is rarely sore the next day.

      She's a tough pet, my L. And I am quite proud of what she is capable of, and quite looking forward to see just how far we can go...

    2. It also pleases S. I can take a whole lot if it pleases him. L

  4. L here. Hmmmm, the rug beater is very solid. There is little to no give. A bit less stingy than the cane but covers more area. Yup, it hurts. I do think that I have gotten used to it.....actually the video is not as hard as he normally does and he stayed away from the backs of my legs which really hurt. I need to get S a selfie stick or someway to hold his phone.

    Of course the rug beater has become my favorite. It feels wonderful. Oddly enough, my bum is sore today......but from my spinning bike. L