Monday, March 2, 2015

My Venus in waiting

This is her.

My best financee. My companion for life.

My fucktoy.

This is HER.

Your favorite Dom has been battling the flu for the last few nights and has not been up for very much in the way of bedtime activities. Your favorite submissive has been patient for the most part, and a good nurse to her Dom, but has been acting up and is a tad bit needy for things to return to what we define as normal.

The flu started slipping away today.

And my thoughts have returned to...well....things.

Things that aren't normal.

Things that might make you blush.

Or depending on how your roll...drip.

(I'm talking about you, by the way...the one with her hands down her panties. You think I don't know what you're doing?)

This is HER.

So you can see why, as you look those curves, that softness, that mouth that looks even better with a cock shoved inside of it, those breasts covered by her can wonder why, wonder what...if those crossed legs were to part what deliciousness were to be revealed between them...and I should add that she performed her submissive duties last week and got waxed, and her pussy is so soft and bare easy to access....and oh so lovely to penetrate with one...single...aggressive...THRUST.

So you can see why


after a bit of a hiatus I am quite ready to devour her again.





It's not rocket science.

This is HER.

And she is MINE.


  1. lucky Venus... to be adored so.

  2. Must be really, really, really wonderful to call her Yours!

  3. What a curvy, sexy body. You must love knowing she is yours.