Sunday, March 22, 2015

Friday night aftermath

As you can imagine from the photos in the last post, Friday night was pretty intense.

Here are the sheets.

That wasn't me by the way.

My lovely L is such a gusher when she gets what she likes.

The only downside?

This was MY side of the bed.

Dom's don't normally sleep in the wet spot.

But I made an exception for that night.


  1. My Man will sleep in the wet spot on occasion too. I don't feel like I have put one over on him when he does. There is nothing un-Dom about it- I think that he puts me over the edge of exhaustion at times and he lets me sink into him and sleep.

  2. My sweet Master (Beast) will occasionally sleep in a wet spot as well and it distresses me. I have gotten up on that rare occasion, warmed a towel and placed to so he can be more comfortable by the warm snuggly towel. I have absolutely no problem sleeping in a dampened wet spot on our bed, but it feels strange to me, after an intense scene, for my kind Master to sleep in the spot that I most certainly made wet by my lust for him.

  3. I nominated you for a Real Neat Blog award here:

  4. Normally when a wet spot occurs on His side I grab a towel - He says he doesn't mind but I feel bad. The other night the wet spot was large and in the middle of the bed. My beautiful Husband and considerate Dom got a towel for both of us to sleep on. I would have but he exhausted me till I had wet noodle legs.