Thursday, March 28, 2013

Back to the ass...


That was by far the furthest you have pushed me so far.  There were at least ten times I thought I would have to tell you to stop.  The ten minutes almost killed me to be honest....I had to dig deep to keep my posture.  Then when you were fucking me....well, you felt me finally relax.....that took all I had to let you go and then after a while it didn't hurt at all. 

L has been needing to have me fuck her in the ass.

She would not agree with that statement; would say, whoa, man, that is not something I need at all. We have only done successful anal one other time, which I wrote about in the following posting. We have tried it a couple of times since then, but even with lots of lube, it was too much for L, and I kindly stopped.

So, ok, L has not necessarily been needing to have me fuck her in the ass, but I have been needing it. It was that time of the month and not wanting to make a mess of the new bed, we opted out of fucking for three days. Which is too many days for both of us. L is required to bring me to a daily orgasm at least once a day, so when you remove regular fucking, and the fact that we're not at the point where she can swallow, we start to remove options. I also have a rule that when I come, I cannot come on myself. There is no reason for me to be coming on myself when I have this wonderful fuck toy with so many different areas to deposit my cum. Needless to say, her skin received quite the coating those three days. My favorite was forcing her to her knees on the floor and sucking me off while I sat on the bed and then at the last minute, making her jerk me off all over her tits.

So that was good, and I did get the orgasms that I require.

But I wanted more.

I wanted penetration.

I wanted to fuck her in the ass.

After corner time the other night, I led her to the bed and began spanking her with the coat hanger (more on spanking in another post) with the idea that after a long enough session of spanking, she would drift into subspace and make the anal sex easier. I spanked her for close to 200 times, and she started to get into the mindset. After the last one, she raised her ass up off the bed even more, as if to signify that she was ready as she could be.

I properly lubed us both up, then got behind her, my cock hard and throbbing and ready. I pressed the head against her hole and slowly penetrated her...very slowly, and very difficultly. It took about 10 minutes of slow pushing, shifting positions, and then adding more lube.

Then all of a sudden I was all the way inside her ass. All the way inside. As I have said in other postings, L has a deliciously tight pussy, but her ass...something different altogether. She loosened up more and more, and as she said above, got to a point where it no longer hurt. I positioned myself so I could watch myself slide in and out of her (I am a very visual person), my hands grasping either side of her ass I fucked her. 

"Touch yourself while I fuck you," I commanded her, and her fingers made her way to her clit.

I kept the pacing relatively slow and consistent, pulling out about halfway before pushing inside again. The sensation combined with the excitement of the act brought me to orgasm somewhat quickly, and with one last thrust I came deep inside of her...inside of her ass.

The ass that I own and control, and with that exquisite act, own and control more than ever.

Afterwards I held her and kissed her head. "I am so proud of you," I said. "You have pleased me very, very much."

The next day, L began the morning with a little bit of sass that carried through when she got to work and was almost nonchalant in a couple of texts to me. I called her on it, and she explained it to me the following way:

I am not being mouthy today or have an attitude....not at is more of an, I am proud of myself for pleasing you and being the best sub I can be for you. 

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  1. Sounds like you are the best sub you can be for him. I am sure you are pleasing him. The ass fccking may become a monthly event.