Thursday, June 5, 2014

What a stay at home Dom thinks about

Memo I sent to L yesterday while at home thinking about her.

Maybe other stay at home Doms watch the "Price is Right." I don't know.

But me?

I think about ... things.

P.s.: L's response to this was that she was very wet indeed.


Jesus, you do it for me. I am crazy about your sexuality, your openness, your inhibitions...your insatiability. Love that you gave yourself to me and my kinks, my twisted mind, my dark desires..things that make me hard, make me throb, and I get them with you and all of you that I own, mouth, tits, ass, cunt. 


I want to make your ass bleed again with the cane. I want to make you cry and sob, and ask for no more, but I will keep going anyway, and eventually you won't care, you will be so far gone nothing will matter, and there will be bruises and lashes and marks.

I want your cunt. My cunt. I want to slap it, taste it, fuck it. Make you squirt. I want to go down on you, my face buried in your cunt, and I want to make you come hard so that you squirt all over my face.

I want to piss on you all the time. Maybe get to the point of pissing in your mouth. You seem quite willing to be pissed on these days. I think I want to experience your piss at some point, after all, it is mine. I have this one scenario where we are home alone and you are in your panties, and I refuse to let you go to the bathroom to piss and make you piss, in front of me, in your panties..I think that would be hot, to watch the wetness appear on them. Then I would take them off and taste you.

That's where I am today.


I want to walk in on you sucking another man's cock. See you on our knees, taking him in your mouth. Bobbing your head up and down in that amazing was you do. And I watch for a minute before you realize I am there, and then i come over, and he holds you down while I punish you, and then we take turns with you...all part of the setup. 

That's where I am today.

Very twisted.

I hope this email made you wet. Fucking whore. MY fucking whore.



  1. All very hot! Much better than Price is Right.

    1. Until Mr. Carey decides to wield a paddle....