Sunday, June 15, 2014

A very vanilla weekend

L and I and the rest of the family had a very vanilla weekend here in Mayberry, USA. Yesterday we participated in a walk/race fundraiser for a local nonprofit and went to a family barbecue. Today we spend the day at a new lake park and took down an old fence in our yard to make way for a new one. L gave me my father's day present, and we are going to have a nice dinner later. We are happy and content with our plain, vanilla weekend.

Oh, wait a second.

I left something out.

I left out last night.

I left out last night and the hotel room we got, and the anonymous man that I invited up to share L with, a very well hung man that L took to, with mouth and cunt, in a way that I am quite proud of.

So, yeah, there was THAT.

But I am sure none of you want details.


  1. How how can you just leave us all hanging like that?? ~s
    PS Happy Fathers Day..