Thursday, June 5, 2014


I suspect at some point, L and I will discover that we have limits as far as how far we can go, how much she can take from me.

But I don't think, despite the picture I am showing you from last night's session, that we are even close yet.

Because the thing is...L felt perfectly fine today.


  1. I promise that it just looks way worse than it actually is. I do not have a big huge open gash like wound on my bottom. I do have a tiny blemish and it started bleeding during the caning and just made it look like hell. Felt amazing....although not at first. The first ten or so times he hit it was not cool. Thankfully he knows when to stop as I didnt want it to end. L

    1. That does look like a huge cut, thanks for letting us know it wasn't THAT bad.

  2. Hi L,
    Glad you explained that one because it really does look like a huge gash in the picture :-) Even if it was, you're both consenting adults, but I'm glad you are ok. I have too agree that it's good that he knows when to stop. I don't know about you but I can't tell when he's drawn blood or not.

  3. I did feel like I had to comment on that one. There were even some that looked worse. It was seriously a tiny blemish that bled and the cane kinda spread it all over. Holy crap did that tiny blemish....pimple thing hurt. Not so much at the time but just in general. Will buy some cream tomorrow. L

  4. Ouch, that does look bad. But even if it was that bad, as long as you both are okay with it, then it's all good :)