Monday, August 6, 2012


The day after the golden shower I asked L to write me how it made her feel. This is what she said:

"Let's see.  There was the anticipation of waiting all evening for you to come home....then no mention of it and I thought you had forgotten or were too tired.  I was surprised when at 12:30 you still wanted to.  I felt super submissive while undressing and getting into the bathtub....wanted you to cover me, mark me, own me.  Like I said, it wasn't bad at all and I don't mind......if it was something you chose to do everyday, I would be fine with that.  I guess if I had to give one word to my feelings as it happened it would be....owned."

I have decided that Monday nights will be maintenance night for us. Monday maintenance. Also, we are going to be apart for over a week after tonight. With absence of the heart coming upon us, I think it is important that tonight's maintenance leaves L with a sense of being owned as much as possible.

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