Friday, August 17, 2012


It's been awhile since I have added some new toys to our collection, so after I went to lunch with L I stopped by the local Castle store to do a little shopping for tonight. I have enjoyed experimenting with L's pain thresh hold, and today's additions were purchased with that in mind. She is also being punished tonight for an infraction yesterday that left me quite upset with her; I did not get to see her last night so I have had to prolong delivery of the punishment, and L has been hoping that perhaps it won't be as strict as it would have been had I delivered it last night.

She is hoping wrong.

Back to the experimentation. For the most part, pain has not worked as a form of punishment, because though I have, at various times, had L sobbing with tears as a result of various inflictions, they have also made her so incredibly wet that she has had to wipe herself out before I fucked her because her pussy would literally be soaking. Soaking.  The two exceptions so far that I know L considers punishments are when I strike my belt buckle across her nipples, and, a more recent discovery, flogging her with her chain leash. I've used the leash on her before in numerous ways, such as running the chain all along her body, striking her with the leather strap, binding the chain around her breasts ... wbo knew a leash had so many purposes? I love the sound of when I attach the leash to her collar and then I have her in my full control; fucking her from behind while I pull back on the leash is something I enjoy very, very much. I'm putting flogging her with the leash into the favorite category as well; when I did it the other night it left some delicious welts on her ass that had her sore the next day.

L has to wait another eight hours before her punishment as well as being introduced to some new sensations. I personally can't wait.

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