Thursday, January 10, 2013

Good Night Wooden Spoon

One of my favorite children's book is "Good Night Moon." I read it to both of my boys, and bought it for L a couple of years ago for her youngest son. During the times when we weren't together, we would often times close off our evening email/text conversations with passages from the book, wishing each other "Good night brush" or "Good night mush" or so on, and so forth.

Anyway, with all due respect to Margaret Wise Brown, I thought the book needing a, uh, slight revision.


In Master’s bedroom
There was a satisfied pet
Lying in a spot
Just made wet.

And a recently used flogger
And a wooden spoon
When used on pet’s ass
always made her swoon.

And a collar and a leash
And a bondage hood
All things used
To make sure pet was good.

And a blindfold, cuffs, ben wa balls
Anal beads, cock ring, a Wartenberg wheel
And sound proofing for the walls
Because pet tended to squeal.

And erotic BDSM videos
that always make pet blush.
And a quiet but stern Master
whispering “Hush.”

Good night satisfied pet.
Good night spot just made wet.
Good night flogger.
Good night wooden spoon.
Good night pet’s red ass

Good night collar, leash and bondage hood.
Good night blindfold, cuffs and ben wa balls.
Good night anal beads, cock ring, and Wartenberg wheel.

Good night videos
Good night pet’s lovely brush
And good night to the quiet but stern Master
whispering “Hush.”

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