Monday, January 7, 2013

A new year

It's been well over a month since I last posted to the blog. It was a very tumultuous month for the two of us...those who have followed this blog since the beginning have read accounts from both pet and I describing our struggle to reside high atop the summit of Shit Mountain.

December, and the holidays, challenged us like none other. There was no "merry" in this year's Christmas, there was no "happy" in the new year when the ball dropped in Time Squares and 2013 came roaring in like a lion. We had a lot of time apart in December. I turned...for lack of a better term..."ugly" at times. Nasty things were said. At times it seemed that perhaps we might not recover.

The evening of January 1, 2013, found us back in each others arms and falling asleep with each other back again. Each day since then the strength in our relationship has returned, things have gotten back to normal, and we both have the dynamics of our D/s relationship to thank. I think that without it, we might not have ever recovered. I have regained my control and self-discipline as a Master, and pet, with my guidance, is progressing in her role as my submissive. We are taking the relationship into some new areas. As of late, I have a lot of spare time on my hands, so I am working on developing daily and weekly routine structure and defining roles and responsibilities between the two of us. It's all about consistency, really...I find that if I waiver it confuses pet and causes her to act out. The sterner and more consistent I am, the better she behaves, and more importantly, the better she feels. Those of you in a D/s relationship understand what I am saying here.

What I am discovering more and more is how what happens in the bedroom is only a small portion of what makes a D/s relationship successful. Grant you, it is an important is where the recharging occurs, where the electricity flows...there's nothing quite like it when the clothes are shed and my pet presents herself to me for my pleasure, nightgown lifted, ass raised and waiting for my hand...or paddle...or flogger..or if she needs punishment, the hair brush. What we do in the bedroom when the children are asleep and the door is locked and the tv is turned up to cover up all of the sounds we make is the icing on the cake of the relationship. We are fortunate that we do not have any health issues or any issues at all that prohibit us from having sex whenever the mood hits...which is, well, most of the time. We are taking the bedroom experience to different directions, and I enjoy pushing pet and finding out what her limits are..even when we are not together.


Me: Anyway,  I really want to bend you over the bed and fuck you hard from behind right now....but have to get back to work!

Pet: Geez, thanks for getting me all soaked.

Me: You are welcome. Go in the bathroom and touch yourself.

Pet: Yes Sir. Finish?

Me: Make yourself come.

Pet: Yes sir...going now.

Me: Tell me when you're done. Describe how you touched yourself and what you thought of.

(10 minutes later)

Pet: I am done. I didn't think I would be able to..I was sitting down. I stood up and bent over and imagined you spanking me in front of others and came.

Me: Good pet...I am pleased with you.

Anyway, we are ...once again...back. Thanks to those of you who have offered encouragement and support in the past. We have found other blogs to be quite useful to help guide as we continue this journey together.

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