Monday, May 13, 2013

100 more

I haven't quite figured out how much spanking is enough with L. I don't think she knows when enough is enough.

She got home late last night, exhausted from her trip. I was exhausted as well having worked all day and not really slept the night before. We were in bed watching tv together, her head on my lap, while the boys were out in the living room. I then started kissing her and we had a make out session, and the next thing we knew I was extremely hard, and she was so very wet, and she started pleading and begging me to be inside of her. More than just begging, really. She was grabbing at my body, trying to position herself underneath me, raising her hips towards mine.

I wanted to wait until after the boys were in bed so we could have a spanking session first, but it had been two days (!) since we had sex, and I wanted her bad, and maybe doing so fell into the category of her topping from the bottom a little bit, but to hell with it...I wanted to fuck her.

And I did, gave her a good welcome home pounding with my hand firmly covering her mouth and after we both had very satisfying orgasms, L asked me if that was all we were going to do that night.

"I think so," I said. "We are both exhausted." Which we were.

Then the boys were in bed, the door was locked, and I had the cane in my hand...those things happen, as I realized it wouldn't be a proper homecoming without a spanking, and that L really, really needed a spanking to help her with the enormous amount of stress she was feeling.

So I spanked her, 100 times with the cane, thinking that 100 would be a good number, and as I rubbed her ass after that 100, she raised her ass in the air...and I knew that 100 was not enough.

So I gave her a 100 more, and she was in such need of it that she was literally pushing her ass into the cane at times, wanting to feel its lash across her cheeks. I stopped after that 100, rubbed and caressed her ass again...and then gave her a 100 more.

I don't know when enough is enough yet, both in terms of duration and force. We will figure it out though...100 strokes at a time.


  1. I find that i dont know my own limitations, i have to trust my Master to gauge that himself, especially when i reach subspace, i could quite happily go on and on....and he has stopped because to go further would cause permanent damage and we both dont want that.

    But other times (i think its dependent on my emotional state at the time) i can barely manage a dozen and im wailing lol

    It is interesting how sometimes responsiveness varys i think.

  2. Wow, you two have come so far. I am so happy for how your journey together is evolving.

    I have had the cane before but never with Wolf until last month. It was his first time wielding it ever! I don't know how many were in the first set he gave me, but when he finished, I begged for more. I think he went on for almost an hour and I pleaded each time he stopped for him to continue and oh how I needed each one (although I think he was very surprised)!

    I know L's feeling of wanting more although unfortunately, we don't have the opportunity to let things develop in-person like you two do. :-) Thank you for sharing!

    love, squirrel

  3. I suppose that all depend on many curciumstances and the way you use the cane. Cause, there are some situation when I can take even 300 swats, and other time I can't take even 30. It depends. I suppose that "enough" is different each time...