Thursday, May 9, 2013

Revised contract

As if we weren't doing enough already for our anniversary weekend, I also revised the contract which can be found on the tab above. Nothing too major in terms of changes, just some minor tweaks here and there. I think the change I made that L was most appreciative of is Item H under Section II which states as follows (addition in bold):

"The submissive will at all times act in a manner that is respectful of the Dominant, to include manners of speech, promptness, proper answers, obedience, loyalty, and honesty, with the understanding between both of them that the submissive shall not have to necessarily alter her personality."

I think this remains a challenge for us still in some ways; how can L be a submissive "meek as a mouse" companion to me when being loud, sassy and smart is a big part of who she is? As I have said before, I don't want a robot for a submissive, how boring would that be. No fun in taming the already tamed. It's a balancing act for both of us, and I wanted to put something in writing in the contract that reflected that.

I also deleted some of the listed punishments as none of them had been used and probably wouldn't be used...kneeling on rice, for instance. I did not include anal sex and swallowing as punishments as I want to get L past those being entirely unpleasant tasks for her and ones that she enjoys doing because they give me so much pleasure.

I've also (just now, actually) instructed L that for the next two weeks, each of us will read the contract once a day. I am doing this because we have had some struggles the last few days since returning from the trip that have rocked our dynamics a little (yes boys and girls, it's not always happy ball gagged and flogged unicorns dancing over rainbows in our world) and in my extra work to get things back on track (after all, it is my responsibility) this is one of the things that we will do to keep our heads in the right place.

I've had contact from others who have really liked the contract and have borrowed it for theirs, and I encourage anyone to do that, but at the same time, if you do, really keep YOUR situation in mind as well and don't do a straight copy and paste. I spent a lot of time working on our original one, and thought a lot about the revisions to this one, and that is the way it should be. This isn't fun and games. This is real world, long term stuff here, and being such, needs the proper care and attention to detail.


  1. we have a similar clause that reads like this - A. The girl has the right to expect her Master to both know her, who she is and has always been, and to respect these facets of her personality and not to require her to do or become anything which would make her uncomfortable or in any way interfere with those facets of her personality.

    1. I think that is a great addition to any contract, and as a sub I can say it is extremely appreciated!