Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tales from the Lair de Sade

Sorry for the delay in posting this as I suspect some of you have been eagerly awaiting to hear about our night at the BDSM club, the Lair de Sade, on our anniversary night last Friday. We had a busy weekend completing our vacation and got back home early this week and have been regrouping and readjusting, which I will comment on in another post today. There's a lot to write about.

That being said, let's start with The Lair.

We departed our hotel around 8:30p.m. en route to the Lair in the comfort of a limousine. I wanted to make our anniversary night as special for us, and given that I knew L would want some libations to loosen her up (as would I) I didn't want us to drive. Besides, there was something magnificently sexy as going to a BDSM club in North Hollywood in a stretch limo, a once in a lifetime type of thing that one would always remember.

L was damn nervous leading up to it, and had I said we will do something else, I think she would have been relieved. She looked absolutely devourable, wearing a low cut, form fitting black dress that I had asked her to specifically wear for the event, with matching lingerie she purchased earlier from Fredericks of Hollywood.

The activities at the Lair weren't scheduled to start until 9p.m. and we didn't want to be the first people there, so I had our driver drive us around L.A., cruising through West Hollywood and the Sunset Strip. We finished off the bottle of champagne we had with us and made a stop for another one to take with us to the club.

We arrived at the Lair a little after 10p.m. with a nice glow between the two of us and loosened up enough to step outside of our comfort zone. Keep in mind we have never met or talked to anyone in the BDSM world; our interaction with others has strictly been online. So this was a big step for us.

The Lair was located in a converted house, nondescript from street view and completely unnoticed in terms of what kind of house it was. We entered through a gate at the side of the house where I gave the doorman the prepaid membership form I had taken care of online.

Right away an older man by the name of Patrick latched on to us and offered to give us a tour through the house.

Let me stop right now and tell you what I was expecting to find at the Lair de Sade, because that is important for what comes next. I had anticipated a rather hardcore BDSM scene, with lots of leather and stern Doms leading meek and mild subs around on leashes, subs who weren't allowed to talk unless given permission. I thought we would almost literally be stepping into another world.

So imagine my surprise...both of us, actually...that what we found was so incredibly....normal. We didn't feel like we had stepped foot into a BDSM club in North Hollywood. It was more like a backyard barbecue in Mayberry.

Well, with some exceptions.

The tour of the house included a narrow hallways called Blowjob Alley ("Don't ask me why it is called that," joked Patrick, a very nice and hospitable guy who didn't appear to be any more Dommish than, say, Wilfred Brimley), an elaborate chain spider web set up in the garage, a stretching table, a bondage bed, a large cross with plenty of eyelets for rope work, spanking platforms, a few metal cages, and a doghouse. Which was not for a dog.

There weren't that  many people as we did the tour, though right away in one room we encountered a spanking session with a bare assed sub hanging over her Dom's lap as he spanked away at her, the sound echoing through the room. We were more than welcome to stay and watch, but we were still getting our bearings, so it seemed a little personal to pull up a seat, grab some popcorn, and watch away.

Not that there was any popcorn, but there was a kitchen set up for everyone to use with a pot of broccoli soup simmering for all to enjoy.

Like I said, a backyard barbecue.

After the tour from Patrick, we went over and sat in an outside gathering area and surveyed the landscape. We talked to one Dom who did not have his own sub, but rather had 12 playmates, and he was expecting one of them to arrive later. He was joined by a lady who started talking about her work as a kindergarten teacher. Another younger lady joined us who was attending on her own without a Dom and looking to see what might happen. Another couple joined us and the lady had a collar around her neck that was padlocked, and her Dom made a joke about losing a key before.

Clothing ranged from Doms wearing motorcycle gear to subs in dresses. There really wasn't that much talk about the BDSM lifestyle; certain things came up from time to time during the conversations, and like so many conversations between strangers, there were those awkward pauses. At one point we were asked if we were spankers or beaters.

"Somewhere in between" I said.

"You should see the bruise on my ass!" said L.

After awhile we got up and went back to look around on our own. We went into a larger room in the house where a spanking session was just ending and sat in the corner to watch the end of it. After they had left, I had L lean over one of the platforms, lifted up her dress, and delivered her a few spanks across her ass. I wasn't about to have us leave there without some type of spanking take place.

We left soon after that, mainly because we needed to get to our limo to get back to our hotel.

So here is the point in this posting where I have to apologize to those of you who were eagerly awaiting for a tale of debauchery, but it was nothing like that. Now, looking back at it, (and even when we got back to our room that night) both L and I agreed that had we done things differently that night, we would have stayed longer so we could observe more of the activities taking place. The brief amount of spanking I saw had me really worked up, and we both would have enjoyed being more of a witness to others. And, I suspect, after a little time, done more ourselves.

But it didn't happen this time. This was a testing of the waters, so to speak, to see what it was like to interact with others in our lifestyle for the first time. It also prompted us to start looking into what might be happening in the BDSM world in our own community. Granted, there is the risk of running into your kid's teacher, but the reality are all there for the same reason, so what the hell?

Overall, it was a great experience. For both of us.

And I apologize again I have no elaborate sexual details to share with you.

That being said, the limo ride back to the hotel and what we did in the hotel when we got there...that, my friends, is another story.

A story you don't share at backyard barbecues in Mayberry.

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  1. Sooo, it was interesting to say the least. I stepped waaaay out of my comfort zone. I was nervous and pretty much for nothing. The people were very nice...normal. There was soup for christ's sake! I think I would have liked to have stayed later to see if things got a bit wilder. There wasn't a huge amount of alcohol floating around. Oh, there were people (men) coming in with suitcases....some with cases which looked like they were heading to shoot some pool. All in all, it was ok and I would go again....not sure if I would ever do anything public but if I were to that would be the one would bat an eyelash.