Thursday, July 18, 2013

Going longer...going further

Email exchange between S and L this morning:

Last night was perfect.I know you could have taken a lot more...1,500 could have turned into 2,000, and 2,000 could have turned into 2,500, and you would have been gone baby, gone. But it was getting late, you needed your sleep, and I really, really wanted to fuck your brains out.

Can we go longer....further...this weekend when you are rested?  Please......

I don't necessarily know yet how far is too long is too long. Could 1,500 turn into 2,000, could 2,00 turn into 2,500?

What is her limit?

Hell, for that matter, what is MY limit?

One can simply attach a number, attach a time limit to it, and leave it at that. But I am thinking, numerical values don't work in this situation. It's not the proper way to base a stopping point (though necessary at times, especially on work nights). What that stopping point is transcends the numerical and delves into the mental, emotional and sexual nature of what all of "this" transpires.

We will go longer this weekend.

We will go further this weekend.

And come Monday, I will let you readers know how far.

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  1. Good luck with going further and longer, looking forward to reading how it went. :)