Tuesday, July 30, 2013

rape scene

As intense as the weekend was, I don't think anything quite prepared us for yesterday and a whole new discovery in our D/s relationship. I should say ahead of time, that this might not be for everyone. (well, anything discussed on this blog might not be for everyone!)

So it was Monday, and L was sitting in her office and I was sitting in mine, texting each other, and it was clear we were both bored and suffering a bit of the Monday blahs. Neither of us wanted to be at work really, and we both have a bit of freedom in our jobs.

I decided to take the boredom away.



1) You are to get off work at 2p.m. today.

2) You are to go straight up to my place.

3) Go inside and go straight upstairs to the bedroom.

4) Take off all of your clothes and get on the bed.

For this fantasy session, you are going to be just a regular woman taking a midday nap in her room in her cabin in the woods. 

For this fantasy session, I am going to be the stranger who enters your cabin, comes upstairs, finds you there, and attacks you and rapes you.

That being the case, you are allowed for this particular fantasy session to struggle.

No reason for us to be bored when we have my twisted mind.



We had never done a scene quite like that before, closest being our hotel room visit where I tied her to a chair and cut away her clothes, and it is rare that our scenes transcend into a fantasy scenario. And it wasn't as if I had really dwelled on this one before. This was going to be the last week we would have my old place to visit, and I wanted to take full advantage of it in a way we hadn't done before.

I got off work at 1:30 to put things in preparation. I stopped by the local thrift shop, said hi to Macklemore, and bought a ski mask (which I am sure looked odd as it was 80 degrees outside) and a long sleeve black shirt. I ran to our home and got a change of clothes for L along with some rope (which never got used but just in case).



At 1:30p.m. all communication between the two of us will be cut off. You don't need to text me when you leave the office. If something comes up for whatever reason and you cannot make it up to my old place, then, obviously, you need to let me know.

After 1:30 p.m. our next contact will be when I come rape you.

Remember...you are just a regular normal housewife. Maybe you are married. Maybe your husband is very passive at sex, you only do it every now and then, it isn't very satisfying. You're there taking a midday nap, at your remote cabin, and then you hear a car pull up in the driveway. Which is odd. Never get any company. Maybe it's your husband coming home early. Then the door opens. "Is that you honey?" you ask, and no one answers.

You hear footsteps coming up the stairs.

You realize this is not your husband.

You don't know who it is or what is going to happen to you.

All you know is that...nap time is over.


I went up to my place and unlocked it and then went further up the road to wait for L to arrive. My old place is in a very secluded area, off the beaten path and nestled in the woods...very much out of sight and out of hearing range, for the most part. I had even bought a small bottle of Black Velvet Whiskey which I dapped a little on me, like cologne, so that I would even smell differently to L.

When I was sure she had arrived and settled in upstairs in bed, I went back there, taking my time going down the long driveway that leads to my place. I sat in the car for just a minute so she could hear it out there from the upstairs bedroom. I got out and slowly walked to the front door, stomping a bit as I went up the steps, and then opened the door.

"You're home early," she said quietly from upstairs, getting into the role of the housewife expecting her husband to be home.

I didn't say anything and just stood there.

"I fell asleep," she said again.

I started making my way up the stairs. In my hands I had a pair of scissors and I dragged the tip along the all as I went up.

She was lying on the bed, wearing one of my white t-shirts I had instructed her to wear for the scene. Her head was turned the other way and couldn't see me, a sweater covering her head to block out the sunlight streaming through the large windows in the bedroom. Outside there was silence, save for the chirping of birds in the trees surrounding the cabin.

She murmured something else, still expecting her husband, and then I jumped on her and covered her mouth with my hand while I pinned her down. She screamed or attempted to scream, and started fighting underneath me. I ripped the white t-shirt she was wearing down the middle so that her breasts were exposed.

"Please don't hurt me!" she said. "My husband is going to come home any minute."

"No he isn't," I barked. "It's just you and me, bitch."

Taking the pair of scissors I had been carrying, I held them blade flat agains her neck.

"If you move I will fucking cut you, do you understand?" I said, pressing my ski mask covered face against hers.

"Yes sir," she whimpered, as her struggling stopped. "Please don't hurt me."

I jerked off the skirt she had been wearing along with her panties so that she was fully exposed. She tried to resist, pushing her legs together, but when she did so, I pressed the scissors against her firmly.

"Fucking little slut," I said. "I saw you earlier today, wearing this skirt. Acting like a cock tease."

"No!" she said. "I'm not a tease! I'm a good girl."

I pressed my groin firmly into her crotch so she could feel my erection through my jeans. With one hand I shoved it into her pussy...which, of course, was soaking wet.

"Wet fucking slut," I growled. "You deserve to have a big cock fucking your pussy."

"Please no!" she cried. "Please don't...please don't do that," and she tried struggling again, and once again, I pressed the scissors against her (carefully of course) and jerked back on her hair.

I pulled my pants down just enough to release myself, and spreading her legs apart, forced my way inside of her, and she pleaded with me to stop, no, no, she said, don't do this.

And then I fucked her and I fucked her hard, and the bored little housewife clearly enjoyed the pounding she was getting from her intruder. "Oh god no no no no," she said, and then started panting, and when she came and came hard, she said "I can't believe this is happening to me."

"Fuck against me," I said, still slamming inside of her. "Fuck back against me or I will cut you." And so she did, thrusting her hips up against me (takes me over the edge when she does that) and I came almost immediately, and she managed to get out a final "Oh god, you can't come inside of me."

And....end scene.

So we talked about it for a bit afterwards, lying there naked, the fan blowing on us while the heat of the sun warmed our bodies. I told her the different things I had done to prepare, while she shook her head at me. "You are just full of surprises," she said.

I suppose I am.

I'll tell you one thing.

We certainly weren't having a boring Monday anymore.

p.s. So there is a big part to tell about this story that occurred later in the evening, and I will share that next.


  1. OMG that was so hot!!! I love it!!!

  2. Please Sir...she says holdng the bowl toward him... may I have some more?


  3. WOW! That was an amazingly hot story! Gonna have to share this one with Master ^_^

  4. OMG!!!!! That's what I call a rape scene! Yummy!

  5. I sent this story to my Master :). Yum.

  6. Very hot, and while the book that I referred to had great moments, it wasn't an entire scene, so a bit disjointed. This is very hot and the reason why I read bloggers so much: they go darker and give me a fuller picture.