Monday, July 29, 2013


Friday while we were both at work I sent L a text saying I had the urge to make her wet while she was sitting at her desk so I wrote the following and emailed it to her.

It worked.


I love your wetness.

I wish there was a way to describe how exhilarating it is when I start a session with you and I reach under you, dipping a finger in your pussy, and finding you soaking wet. Part of it is a sense of pride, knowing that I did that to you, and only I can do that to you, get you so aroused..dripping...with my words.

I love getting you wet during the day while you are at work. I imagine a wet spot visible on your panties. I imagine you shifting around on your seat because of the tingling feeling running throughout your pussy. I imagine you getting so wet you have to make your way to the bathroom where you pull down your pants and panties to wipe out. 

Saying that, I imagine myself walking in on you in that bathroom..your panties around your ankle...and standing in front of you and commanding you to take my cock out and suck on it, and I fuck your mouth, right there in the stall, while your fingers work their way over your clit, using the juices from your pussy for lubrication.

When we are in a session and I discover how wet you are, I have to control myself to focus on the task at hand...spanking you, taking you to subspace...and not flipping you over on your back, spreading your legs and diving into your wetness with my tongue, taking it all in, devouring it...devouring you. 

Then when I do fuck you...that initial moment of struggle to force my way in soon gives way, and I am all the way inside you, where you are warm and moist and feel like heaven, your tightness squeezing me, your juices aiding my thrusting. 

I love it when I come deep inside of you, and there is that mix of the two of us...that feeling and smell of fucking, raw and passionate.

I love your wetness.