Sunday, May 25, 2014

"Is this how you want me to be?"

L had a tooth removed Friday afternoon, and with that knowledge in my mind, I went into the three day weekend thinking that it might be relatively vanilla, at least for the first couple of nights while L healed. I find it difficult to bring myself able to conduct much of a session when L is under the weather for any reason, and figured that a tooth removal would have her in a great deal of pain and I would do what I normally do when she is laid up in bed, which is to take good care of her.

I went into the weekend with that knowledge in my mind. Where the weekend has gone (one day left still!) was, in so many ways, quite the contrary.

Early Friday evening while L was resting in bed I ran to the grocery store to shop for the weekend. While there, I got the following series of texts from L:

 I am home quite ready to be bruised. I want it all, rough, but not around my mouth so much.



This put into motion an evening and a weekend harder and rougher than any weekend we have had in a long time. It was long overdue. The last few weeks L had been going through the motions in terms of her submissiveness, though she was still doing everything that she was required. But as I explained to her at one point, her attitude wasn’t there.

L’s total submissiveness returned from its sabbatical on Friday night. It did not crawl into bed purring like an innocent kitten, it pounced on the bed, roaring like a lion, craving, demanding, wanting….everything.

So what did we do? It seemed, everything. And new things. I have lost track of how many times over the weekend L was lying on the bed, naked, with her ass raised, as blow after blow I tended to her ass with as many implements as I could find. And with each time that I stopped, she arched her back up, and in a voice muffled by the pillow she would whimper….”more, please….”

She got more, and more again. On Friday night I attempted to fist her for the first time. We got pretty far, surprising given the size of my hand and the tightness of her cunt. She spent most of the weekend a soaking wet miss, kneeled in front of me, wanting more, and more again. Last night I went down on her and her orgasm was so ferocious she soaked a large patch of the sheet when she gushed (this has been a new experience the last few months, L no longer considers the female ejaculate a myth or being nothing more than piss).

L’s submissiveness roared like a lion, and I returned the favor with a new level of Dominance, and the two met and collided, resulting in a flurry of emotions and sensations. Our bed and room smells like sex. We smell like sex. L grimaces when she sits down. Her ass is properly branded.

We still have another weekend night, thanks to tomorrow’s holiday. I whispered to L this morning the things that were going to be done tonight, that I was going to make her feel like a total whore and make her do whorish things to me…and I will.

At some point Friday night, as L floated around in the world of subspace, kneeled before me, she asked:

“It this how you want me to be?”

The answer, of course, was:



  1. Ahhhh, that's wonderful all around! So happy for you!

  2. Lucky! And a bit jealous ... Beautiful pics! ~ s

  3. Sounds like a great time! Thank goodness for three day weekends :-)

  4. How wonderful that she is who you want her to be. Sounds like your relationship is perfect.


  5. Awesome! Isn't it a lovely time when D and s match each other with such renewed vigor!? Fisting is a huge push into submission for me as well. Hope you both enjoyed the remainder of your weekend!
    XOXO Pearl