Monday, May 5, 2014

So I have been nominated...

....not once, not twice, but four times for the Liebster Blog Award, and with each nomination, comes a set of rules and questions to answer, and responding is the courteous thing to do, but in due time. Only so many hours in the day, and I don't want to take away from important tasks, such as caning and fucking my pet. I'm sure you understand.

I will start with Desireous from the blog Starting from Scratch, who posed the following questions. I will get around to the other ones as well as nominating others for the award, but it will take some time. In a previous posting, I did list off 10 random things about me, so that is going to have to suffice. I realize there are rules to follow in this contest, but I am a Dominant, so I can make some rules as well.

(and thank you for the nominations, btw. I continue to be surprised by our readers and followers, and am glad that whatever words L and i throw out here for you to read...both the good ones and the bad ones...offer you some guidance and inspiration as you, like us, float down the wonderful river of kink.)

1. What is the hottest most sexiest moment in your life that you can recall?

It was with L...of course. But oddly, well before we entered a D/s relationship. It was our first vacation together, and we went to a hot springs in Alberquerque where we had our own private hot springs surrounded by a fence. We ended up fucking in the hot springs and I remember afterwards lying there in lounge chairs, and I kept reaching over and touching L's pussy, and the sun was beating down on us, and I never wanted that moment in time to end. That night was the first night we also told each other that we loved each other. 

2.What is your favorite sexual activity?
Hmmm. So many! I would say right now it is when L sucks on me. She is so good at it. Amazing. A queen among cockworshipping subs. It takes a recital of several baseball statistics to refrain from just exploding in her mouth. On the more taboo side that cause the blood to rush to my head are knife play, breath play, and piss play, the latter that I want do more of with L.

3. Ever been in love? Those of you already blogging about being in love have you ever been in love with anyone else?
I am very much in love right now with my partner for the rest of my life, the strongest feelings of love I have ever had someone are the ones I have for L. I was in love before...I was married before...but it was early on in the relationship and not remotely comparable to what I feel for L. She's my oxygen that I breathe to get through life. (Questions like this aren't fair to ask, because L can't stand the thought of me ever having been with someone else.)

4.What is the most important quality for a person you are having a relationship with to have?

5.What attracts you to another?
A sense of humor. Kindness. Honest. Comfortable and open with their sexuality, willing to explore, and a wonderful talent for giving head. I have just described L.

6. Have you ever had a threesome or multiple partners at a time?
L and I had a MWM threesome back in December, which I have blogged about. I had a MWW before being with her that didn't really go over too well. Long story there. I am interested in doing both with L, surprisingly, the MWM more so because I like to share her in that manner. Even with an MWW with her, the fantasy in my mind doesn't even involve me touching the other woman, just watching L and her, me commanding every single touch and lick between them with canings from me  to encourage them, then the other woman cleaning L up after I came inside of her. (I know this question didn't ask for any fantasies, but you got me going!)

7. What is one thing you like to do in your free time?
Lounging in bed with L on a Saturday morning and watching some stupid old movie on TV from the 80s. 

8. Do you write any other blogs?

I do not.

9.Do you like to kiss?
Very much so. When L and I were first dating, I wasn't that good at it. I think she would agree I have gotten way better and can now, as she says it, "maker her stomach pit out."

10. Do you identify as a writer?
Ever since age five. It has been the one thing constant in me in a life that has not been very consistent.

11. What inspired you to begin writing your blog? (stole that from Atiyaluv) 
I think I was looking for some kind of writing outlet. The blog started on the same day we started our D/s relationship.


  1. Fabulous answers! Thank you for sharing!


  2. Leave it to a Dom to make his own rules :-) Great answers, it's obvious how much L is on your mind! Lucky girl.

  3. Love your answers alway so descriptive ! ~ s

  4. Love the answers and I really and truly admire the relationship you have with L. The beauty and sincerity of it shines through in your answers. L is a lucky girl!

  5. I am a lucky girl!! L