Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wheel of Misfortune

I suppose, if anything, I am a creative person. My job requires that I have a certain amount of creativity to it, so it is natural that that particular skill would carry over to my personal life, and, in particular, my D/s relationship with L.

And what better place to get creative than in matters pertaining to sex? I’ve had some very satisfying times in this arena with L. It’s a grand time to be able to think outside of the box for things that I want to do inside of L’s box.

Sorry. I could not resist.

Last night we tried out a new idea of mine. At my job I was looking for a web program that would allow me to enter in a bunch of names into a “wheel” that would be spun so that a name could be selected randomly. It was for the purpose of an employee contest.

The first time I tried it, I realized that this had potential.

So I created the “Wheel of Misfortune” (though as it turned out for L, there was really no misfortune) where I entered in a list of sexual activities. The list included caning for a certain number of times, L sucking on me, me using the Hitachi for L, my choice, L’s choice…to name a few. There were around 15 total.

We tried it out last night. I ordered L naked and collared and I got on the bed with her, naked as well. I set the laptop up on the bed, opened the program up, and commanded L to give the wheel of misfortune a spin.

Round and round and round…

With the first spin it landed on “Rimming Sir for five minutes.” I don’t think I have really touched upon this subject before on the blog, it is an activity we don’t do that often but one I enjoy. It’s not one that L enjoys. So when it landed on it, she immediately started begging her way out of it. Saying she couldn’t do it unless she had a few drinks first, or unless I had gotten out of the shower. She begged and pleaded, so I smacked her on the side of the head, gave her one pass, and said fine, spin again.

Round and round and round…

This time it landed on “Pussy spanking for five minutes.” Which was fine by me. Not so much by her, but she of course obliged. L opened her legs and I started off with patting her sex, then worked it up until it was a little harder. It wasn’t long into it until what I was spanking was wet and L was moaning and squirming underneath me. I reminded her that she was not allowed to come during any of these activities that the wheel chose, the exception being  the rather specific “Pet comes.”

She made it through the five minutes without coming.

Just barely.

Spin again, I told her.

Round and round and round…

“Pet masturbates on AFF for five minutes” was the next one, which meant L had to masturbate on webcam for Adult Friend Finder. She tried to protest, but knew that after the first one, she wasn’t going to get away with anything. I opened up the laptop, logged into our profile, situated the camera on the laptop so it was facing L’s cunt, and started the broadcast.

“Do it.” I said. “Touch yourself.”

And she did, getting her fingers wet with her mouth (which drives me insane) and then applying it to her clit, running around it in a circular fashion. I watched the action on the computer screen, and then the number of viewers started popping up, along with some comments over the action they were watching.

L said she was going to have a hard time doing that without coming, so again I reminded her of what she had to do. I let her ease off of the masturbation a bit and instructed her to spread herself open, and then moved the camera even closer so others could admire the soaking wet pussy that I owned.

L was a mess by the end of that five minutes.

Spin again, I told her.

Round and round and round…

“Pet Comes.”

Lucky girl.

It was at my choosing what would be done to make L come, and after the aforementioned scene, I was quite eager to taste what I had just observed. So I got in between her legs, spread her open, and darted in with my tongue, making direct contact with her clit.

“It’s not going to take me long,” she said, in a moaning whisper.

She was right. Two to three well placed licks later, she came hard against my face.

I got up from her.

“Spin again,” I said.

That spinning resulted in the cane for 50 strikes, which then led to me using the Hitachi on her for five minutes without coming. Then…lucky girl!...it was “Pet’s choice” and she chose to use the Hitachi some more while she sucked on me.

Spinning was done after that, this whole delicious affair had me rock hard, and so I fucked her and came hard myself. Lying next to each other after that, we caught our breath, and then…I was ready again. (this doesn’t happen that often, especially given that it was almost midnight after a long work day). So I fucked her again, having her do most of the work in grinding against me. This was followed by allowing my insatiable little slut touch herself, which was followed by….passing out from both of us. Satisfied from a very fun and sexy night.

Eat your heart out, Pat Sajak.

p.s. The web program can be found here. http://wheeldecide.com
If your create you own, let me know what activities you use to populate your wheel.


  1. That sounds so very hot! I would love to make a wheel like that, so I will ask my Sir to read this post and hopefully he will feel the same :-) Thanks for sharing.

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  3. If I made one I'd definitely leave off the rimming... :). That is something I've never done, only because he's never ordered me to.

  4. you are a genius! I take my hat off to you. Your blog is just the best!

    1. Well, thank you! I'm not sure about genius though. Just twisted.