Thursday, May 8, 2014


Sometimes I wonder if I think about all of these...things...too much.

Today is one of those days. I have an exceptionally busy day at work, crisis issues to deal with, reporters to call, plenty of things to do and that should command 100 percent of my attention, and I am getting those things done, and well, but in the back of my mind I seem to constantly be thinking about....things.

You know what I mean.

Things with L, like fucking and caning, choking and flogging. L on her knees while I fuck her mouth. L bent over the bed, her ass raised for me, and I slam inside of her hard, grabbing her hair while I fuck her mercilessly.

I'm thinking also about...ropes. I would like to do more with ropes with L. The other night I used some rope around her breasts for the first time, and in looking at some of the fabulous BDSM photos on Tumblr, there are so many techniques I would like to do with rope and L.

I'm thinking there is a yardstick in the house that I saw the other day and that it would make a marvelous spanking implement.

I'm thinking that I am thinking about these things a little too much today.

I expressed my horniness to my pet, and she offered to come pick me up at work, and we could probably drive over to some secluded place and she could suck me off. That would be possible, and I could certainly command that or anything else. I could command L to take the rest of the afternoon off and meet me at home in bed. I have the power to do any of these things, really, and a willing and eager sub who would do them.

But then there are these phone calls to make, and this report to finish up, so I think, for now, I will do that, and if I have to get up from my desk to go out and talk to someone, I, ahem, "adjust" myself accordingly and go do so.

In some ways, these almost constant sexual feelings energize me throughout the day. It's like caffeine.  It fuels me during the day, really, with the knowledge that those things I want to do will soon be here at the end of the day.

Fortunately, today is a day I get off at a decent hour (been working until 9, 10, or so the last three nights) so when I get home from work I'm taking L into the bedroom, we will lock the door, turn the tv up, and I will take whatever items of clothing off of her I have to allow me access inside of the cunt that I own. I'm thinking (once again) of just pulling pants down, and sliding her panties off to the side. Just enough to do what I need to. Just enough to penetrate her.

We will do that, reassemble ourselves, and go about our evening.

But something tells me that it won't be long after that that I will start thinking about...things...once again.


  1. I often think that I think about these things too much myself. I would say, if you find a cure, let me know, but I don't really want a cure.

  2. It is very common for my mind to wonder about "things." I even forget that I should be doing real things, things that aren't related to "things." (can't tell you how many time I have burnt food thinking about "things"). It's just so hard to stay focused, you know?! lol