Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Anniversary

L and I celebrated our second anniversary in our D/s relationship this weekend. Anniversary celebrations are odd of L and I, as it is often times hard to choose which date is the best one to celebrate our time together. There is the date we first made contact online. There is the date we first made contact physically. There is the date we reconnected after a separation. Then there is the date we signed the contract. Confusing. Once we are married, that will be our anniversary moving forward. For now, the anniversary I acknowledge with L is when I first collared and leashed her.

This weekend marked the two year anniversary of us being in a D/s relationship, as well as the two year anniversary of this blog. A lot has happened in the last two years. This anniversary, and the resigning of our contract, was much more significant then the last two, because of an important difference in our relationship, which I emailed L about on Friday:

"The resigning of the contract this weekend will be different than the last times, because if will be the first time signing it that you will not be married. There is significance in that. We go into this next year without that shadow, without that stress, over our head. It really will be...just us, and the only distractions will be our youngest saying he is thirsty at 11p.m. just when I am restraining you to the bed."

Shortly after L signed her contract with me, we were dealt with a rather significant speedbump to our relationship when L's husband was diagnosed with cancer, and she grappled over being in a D/s relationship with me over having to care for him. As she told me in an email, maybe it wasn't right for her to sign a contract with me when she still had the "till death to us part" contract signed with someone else.

It caused us a lot of grief, a lot of confusion and angst. Hurtful things were said as we tried to grapple with this emotional quandary.

That was then, this is now, and as I stated above, the resigning of the contract this year was much different than it has been in the past. There is no distraction, there is no someone else to get in the way of US. For me, it makes a difference. A HUGE difference. Hard to completely own someone if in the eyes of the court she belongs to someone else on another level. When, at the end of the day, the woman I claim to own as my pet is the wife of another man. It used to mess me up big time.

So we had our anniversary, and it was rather low key compared to last year. I revised the contract to better reflect things as they are now. I added goals for both of us for the next year, which I have listed below.

I like the last one for me. I cannot wait to propose to L, but I in particular cannot wait until we are married and she has my last name. For me, that will be the icing on the cake of our D/s relationship. Total and complete ownership. When, during the day L will wear on her finger a ring that signifies she belongs to me, and it will be coupled at night with a collar around her neck that only elevates that ownership.


1.     To be able to swallow Sir’s cum
2.     To stop smoking completely
3.     To get into better physical shape and maintain physical fitness throughout the year
4.     To regularly shave Sir’s cunt and keep it to an acceptable appearance.
5.     To continue working on her patience.


1.     To get into better physical shape and maintain physical fitness throughout the year
2.     To continue to improve on consistency.
3.     To propose to his submissive


  1. Happy D/s Anniversary L and S. I liked the goals you have set. They look attainable and the fact that there aren't very many make them more realistic I think. Consistency seems to be a sticking point for many Doms.

  2. Happy D/s anniversary and happy blogiversary! The things you mentioned that get in the way really are a big deal when they matter to you. Congratulations on being able to move forward :-)

  3. Happy Anniversary S & L. ! You inspire us all ... ~ D

  4. Happy anniversary!

    Quitting smoking is haaard, however, not as hard as #5, but you can do it L! :)

  5. Happy anniversary !
    I love your blog- so honest