Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Responsible Dom

So yesterday was one of those days where by midafternoon I was feeling particularly horny, which is something that happens to me on days that end with the letter "y." Never mind the fact that after L's morning spanking I had her ride me, I was ready and eager for more. I wanted her, my drug, wanted her here in bed with me to do as I pleased.

It's true. You subs out there aren't the only ones who have feelings of addiction over all of this. We Doms want more of everything also.

L was going to get off work at 5 and I was going to pick her up and then go to work myself, so under that scenario, it was going to not be until later in the evening.

But it didn't have to be that way.

I'm a Dom, so I can have what I want when I want. I could have texted L at work and said that she is getting off at four so that I can get off at four, bring her home for a little session before I went to work myself. Relieve the buildup, the craving I had for her. I could have brought her home and done anything, even as simple as forcing her to her knees and sucking me off to completion. I could have done so many, many things.

Here's the thing.

I didn't.

Just because a Dom has the power to do anything he wants, doesn't mean that he SHOULD do anything he wants. There is an enormous sense of responsibility that comes with having this type of power. With the above situation, L would have been quite happy to be forced to leave work early, quite happy for a midafternoon session, quite happy to know she pleased me.

However, she would have caught flack from her boss for leaving work early (she was already coming to work late that day because of the morning session). She would have had to have taken that time off and it would have impacted her paycheck.

It just wouldn't have been the responsible thing to do. And when we Doms make decisions pertaining to our pet, we have to look beyond our own carnal cravings and survey the landscape, look at the big picture, and make decisions that are going to be good for our subs as well.

For instance,  L and I tend to stay up late at night on the evenings that I work so we can get in our quality bedroom time. Often times I want to keep going later, and L (usually) wants to keep going later, but pets need their rest so they can be healthy and better able to serve us, so I will sometimes end things sooner and tell her to get some sleep.

So yesterday afternoon I just shifted my erection in my pants, and decided to wait. Sure, I could have taken care of the situation myself, but I am not fond of doing that anymore. If I am not coming on or in my pet, then I don't want to come at all. I picked up the three year old, picked up L, dropped them both off at home, and went to work myself.

It was worth the wait later that night when we started doing TTWD. The look on L's face when I plunged deep inside her with a raging erection that had been craving release all day, the sounds she made as I took her relentlessly from behind, slamming against her ass, made the wait worth it.

For both of us.


Now my mind is thinking back to how good last night was, and the rest of me is wanting more. Unfortunately, it's not even 9a.m. yet and L just got to work a little under an hour ago. Hours to wait, once again.

Sometimes being responsible is for the birds.


  1. 'L' is very lucky:D
    ...wonderful post!

  2. So I am realizing that although I trust you completely in the normal sense....that you would never cheat or hurt me, etc. I am learning that there is a whole different kind of trust. Trust that you will make the right decisions and steer us in the right direction. It is a hard lesson for me and I am struggling with it. Not that I think you would ever steer us wrong, it is the letting go and not trying to make all the decisions...just trusting you. When I am able to let go, it is a wonderful feeling. Complete trust....coupled with a feeling of just being taken care of.....its wonderful.

  3. Congrats on being responsible. It's often not easy to do.


  4. Yes I realized that after I posted mine. Well written and I am happy to see you coming to this point.