Monday, April 8, 2013

More of everything!

It seems that everyday I am discovering something new about the D/s dynamics between L and I; perhaps the greatest discovery (if this makes sense) is discovering that there is so much more to discover. This is especially true when it comes to finding what L's limits are.

When is it too much? What is L's stopping point, when does the spanking need to cease, when does the flogger need to be set down, the sensations need to cease, when do we reach that point of enough already?

I don't think that exists right now. Because what L needs more than anything right now is...MORE.

I'm reminded of a Seinfeld episode where Jerry is flying first class and getting above and beyond royal treatment from the flight attendants, and at one point the flight attendant asks Jerry "More of anything?" to which Jerry replies "More of everything!"

That's what L wants. More of everything.

More spanking, fucking and hair pulling. More restraining, forcing, touching, sucking, and licking. More commanding, disciplining, teaching. More Dominating. More submitting.

More of everything.

We had some really, really good sessions this weekend. Yesterday in particular we received a gift in the form of a relative who came by in the morning to take the three year old for the day and we had the house pretty much to ourselves for the afternoon.

We took advantage of that, of course. At one point I spanked L nonstop with my new cane for more than 20 minutes, sending her deep into subspace. She was collared with her hands behind her back, and it was good. I also gave her a very arousing lesson in self control. She was on her back with her legs and pussy spread with my finger resting on her clit where I gently rubbed it in just the right way. In no time she was starting to go into a frenzy, wanting to come right away and at the same time, wanting me to stop because the sensitivity was too much.

No, I told her, stop right now. Breathe deeply. Find your place. You are not going to come yet and my finger is not going to go anywhere.

I dipped a finger deep insider her soaking wet pussy and used her lubrication to massage her clit, her hips writhing underneath me. She as both aching for more and wanting it to stop at the same time, would try to squeeze her legs together but I would just force them back apart again. Rubbing, rubbing, rubbing, and then she started begging and pleading to come, and I told her to come, go ahead and come for her Master, and she did, my finger staying on her clit the whole time and rubbing it even harder as she came.

I'm not sure what happened quite after that. I know there was fucking at some point. A couple of times. More spanking.

It wasn't enough though.

She could have used more of everything...

I know at some point I got up to take a shower and go to work, and many hours later, we were back in bed again, and the flogger was in my hands and her ass was raised...more of everything!...and I was whipping the flogger across her ass, harder than I had before, more times that I had before. It wasn't just what she wanted...more of everything!...but what she needed.

This morning before she got out of bed my hand was on her ass, which, surprisingly, was not sore or bruised from the day before (this befuddles the both of us. L bruises easily on all parts of her body but no matter how brutal of a session I have with her ass, the marks don't last long) and I gave her her 100 morning spanks to prepare her for the day. I stopped at 100 because she had to get up and get ready, but she could have taken more. More of everything!

I am sure L has limits, but damn if we have come close to reaching them yet.

She's not alone though.

Because this lovely little insatiable sub that I own and command, my dripping wet fucktoy who wants more of everything also has a Master who wants more of everything....

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  1. Oh I am sure I have a limit. I will not have anything nailed for one thing (I read a blog where a girl had her nipples nailed to a board by her Dom and cannot get the image out of my head). As for what we have been doing, I have to admit I do want more. Its like drugs when you first start doing them (before you get hooked and things go downhill fast)....exciting, a break from reality, something to look forward to. Except it isn't a chemical that is doing this...well, besides the rush of adrenaline and what not....and way better for you. No hangovers and easier on your wallet. Not sure how I even came up with this Huey would say, I found a new drug.