Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Hardy Boys and the Case of the Unbruised Ass

Frank and Joe Hardy were no stranger to difficult mysteries, having solved a great many of them in their hometown of Bayport. From car thieves to museum heists, the two brothers, along with their friends Chet and Biff, were always up for a great challenge, something they learned from their detective father.

But this one would be their biggest mystery yet.

"I can't figure it out," said the Master, as the three of them sat in his living room drinking soda pops. "Every night my pet and I have a rambunctious session where I beat, whip and spank her ass with a variety of instruments, sometimes for longer than half an hour. I've used a flogger, a cane, a belt, her name it."

Joe Hardy raised his hand.

"Yes?" said the Master.

"What's a flogger?" said Joe.

The Master grabbed the flogger off of the couch next to him and tossed it to the young detective who caught it and looked at the metal tips at the end with wide eyed astonishment. He whipped it through the air for effect to see what it felt, accidentally hitting his brother on the ear.

"Gosh Joe, that smarts!" said Frank, rubbing his ear.

"Sorry Frank," Joe said, setting the flogger down, continuing to stare at it.

"Anyway, at the end of a session her ass is red and bruised and very, very sore. Here's a picture to prove it," said the Master, showing the brothers a picture of his pet's beaten ass. The brothers faces turned redder than his pet's ass.

"Sure is warm in here, mister," said Frank, stammering.

The Master took the picture back and looked at it for a few seconds in silence. "Lovely, isn't it?" he said.

"Doesn't that really hurt her though?" said Frank. "I didn't think men were supposed to hit women."

The Master chuckled at the young sleuth's naiveness. "I suppose it hurts at first, but then she slips into subspace and I could do anything and everything to her that I wanted and she wouldn't feel a thing."

Joe wrote down "subspace" on his notepad.

"Anyway, we usually finish our session and then pet is, of course, always soaking wet. Wettest cunt you boys can imagine. From there we move on to all of the other things we do, grabbing her hair while she sucks my cock, shoving her face into the pillow while I fuck her hard from behind. You guys know what I'm talking about right?"

"Oh sure, yeah!" said Joe, nervously.

"Is there a bathroom I could use?" said a very fidgety Frank.

"Let me finish," said the Master. "So all that happens, and we go to sleep, and we get up the next morning. And the first thing I always do is inspect her ass. And do you know what I find?"

"A baby?" said Joe.

"No," said the Master. "I find..nothing. No bruise. No mark. No sign of what happened the night before at all. She's not even sore. Her ass is completely free of blemishes. And neither one of us can figure it out."

"Maybe she has some kinda magic behind?" offered up Frank, nervous at the mention of a ladies derriere.

"Could be," said the Master, thoughtfully. "Would make sense as she has a magic pussy. I kid you not. Tight beyond belief. Just squeezes at my cock when I penetrate her. Amazing feeling, I tell you what."

Joe fell out of his chair with a loud crash and Frank leaned over to help him back up.

"So I don't know what to do, or what you boys can do. You guys did such a good job with that whole tower treasure mystery, thought maybe you could lend your expertise to this one."

Frank raised his hand.

"Go ahead Fred," said the Master.

"It's Frank," said Frank.

"You can speak frankly with me, I don't mind Fred," said the Master.

"Uh, ok. Well, maybe you should just hit her harder," said Frank.

The Master looked at him thoughtfully for a minute. "I'm close to that already," he said. "Last night was the heaviest session, was close to giving her all of it with the flogger, I mean, I wailed on her ass."

"I bet she got really wet, huh sir?" said Joe, all excitedly. Frank hit his brother in the shoulder.

"You boys have no clue," said the Master.

Silence filled the room.

"Alright then! This has been helpful," said the Master, standing up, with the brothers following suit. "I will try that for starters, starting tonight. That's what ball gags are for, am I right or am I right?"

"I guess you are right mister," said Joe.

"Glad we could be of help," said Frank. "And thank you for the soda pops."

"You're welcome boys," said the Master, showing them the door.

The boys drove away in silence, mulling over their latest mystery.

"Where to next Frank?" asked Joe.

"We're going to the Castle toystore," said Frank. "I'm going to buy one of those floggers. I have been meaning to collar my fucktoy Callie Shaw for sometime now, and tonight is going to be the night."


  1. A baby? Too cute:)

    Sure do love you S

  2. Pretty sure this made my day. Too funny, very cute idea ^_^


  3. Loved this! Was a big Hardy Boys fan as a child...will never think of them quite the same way again! :-)