Friday, April 5, 2013

A public Friday memo to my pet


Well, today is Fucktoy Friday, where we take that thing we do and turn it up a notch. We began this morning with a spanking session (here is the picture I took last night, look how nicely my large hand covers your ass) with my hand, which we haven't been able to do in awhile because of the sound it makes, but you and I both enjoy it because it so much more intimate than any flogger, cane, or belt. After the spanking session I gave you a good hard fucking from behind. Your new toy didn't quite work for you to wear for the day, so I wrote "Fuck toy" on your stomach and "My slut" on your side. And with that, I sent you on your way, fully expecting you would not forget to follow through on the things I require of you on Fucktoy Friday.

But guess what.

You did forget. Right away.

At the top of every hour you are supposed to perform your Kegel exercises for one minute then text me as soon as you are done with the message "I have exercised your pussy for you Sir." I even reminded you once you got to the office.

So imagine my surprise when the first hour passed and I had not gotten anything. Must be busy with people in her office, I thought. Five minutes. Then 10. 15. At almost 20 minutes in I texted you "Clock's ticking..." and you responded in a panic.

Given the amount of time I spent on you this morning to put you in the Fucktoy mindset, I am really surprised you forgot your assignment, and you know we have to deal with this.

So I am taking your punishment public. And your apology public. Please offer up an apology in the form of a reply to this posting, along with telling me how you are going to work on making sure this is not going to happen, how you want to be a good pet, etc. Write something up for me to read and all of our faithful followers. We may continue the discussion on the blog if I choose to.

Write your apology.




  1. oh gosh- i REALLY wouldn't like to be in Pet's shoes right now eek!

  2. Aaarg, I am sorry. Not just sorry for being absent minded this morning. I feel the need to apologize for more than that. You put so much time and effort into being a good (stern) Master and I can't follow simple rules or directions. While I do things that require effort in order to please you (chores and the evening routine which sometimes takes an enormous amount of effort if I don't want to do them....but I do) I don't feel that I put in as much time and effort that you do. So forgetting something small like this is huge for me. I don't want to forget things and normally don't.....couple that with disappointing you and I feel horrible. In my defense (if I have one)...this is a one day a week rule and I do well with the ones that I need to do daily (not that I am an advocate of doing this daily....I would have the Lance Armstrong of pussys and you wouldnt be able to get in there anyway).

    Last week when I was minutes late with my text messages to you, each minute was a minute of corner time. Didn't quite like that so much and even forgot what the punishment was for at the time of it so as it punished me for sure...the lesson was lost as I didn't put the crime with the time (in my mind). I am to meet you at home today at lunchtime and I am sure that you will make sure it doesn't happen again.

    And I do want to be the best I can for you as you deserve nothing but.

    1. Apology accepted pet.

      I will see you after your lunch meeting. We simply have not had enough time with the new flogger you got me for my birthday...

      Your loving Master.

    2. Yay! Thank you. I feel so much better now.